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PSY200 Ch1 & 2

Chapter 1 & 2 test

The definition of psychology is the of behavior and mental processes. Scientific Study
Plasticity best reflects which of the following characteristics of the nervous system? Adaptability
Your relative is experiencing memory loss related to Alzheimer’s disease. Research suggests that there may be insufficient production of the neurotransmitter in this individual’s brain. Acetylcholine
The term refers to a process by which new neurons are generated. Neurogenesis
You get up out of your seat, pick up your things, and walk out of the classroom door. Which kinds of nerves sent the signals from your brain to your muscles to initiate your physical movements? Efferent (motor)
The three-foot-spike that damaged Phineas Gage’s frontal lobe resulted in . Changes in Personality
The is sometimes referred to as the “master gland” because it controls growth and it relases hormones that regulate other glands in the endocrine system. Pituitary Gland
Neurosurgeons can reduce the unbearable seizures some epileptics experience by severing the . Corpus Callosum
Discrimination of objects that are necessary for survival (such as appropriate food) as well as emotional awareness and expression involves the . Amygdala
Which part of the nervous system regulates breathing? The medulla
The endocrine system . Consists of glands that regulate the activities of certain organs by releasing hormones into the bloodstream.
The nervous system mobilizes the body’s resources and prepares it for action (i.e., the fight or flight response). Sympathetic
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