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EOG Reading Term Ex:

6TH grade reading terms to help study for the EOG examples

Synoyms nice& Sweet
Antonyms Sad & Happy
Evedince On page two it says The grass was wet so therefore it must have raineded The night before night
conflict There someone who went missing
mood It was a sad, a gloomy and stormy night
Main idea The most important part of the book was just gossip
details itwas SUNNY, NOT CLOUDY, and VERRY PRETTY outside
Fact Most students have to take EOG's``
Opinion Dogs are the best pets you can have
Flashback The book Titanic is a stoy about a woman who is around 80 (i think)telling a story from her in a younger time
alliteration She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
idoms Its raining cats and dogs
onomatopeia SHHHHHHH.......... or BOOM or Woooossssshhhh
Theme Slow and Steady wins the race
Personifacation The flowers Danced in the wind
Similies You look LIKE someone i used to know
1st person Point of veiw I Said, We said
2nd person point of veiw The text books at school are in second point of veiw
3rd person point of veiw They said She said He said ( basicly the narrarator is not a character )
Setting ` i was at my HOUSE in NEW YOURK CITY
Tone Jane was UNHAPPY, everyone was UNHAPPY like her
forshaddowing She wont come back OR WILL SHE (tiny hints to keep you in suspense
infer I think it will snow tomarrow
Created by: Leni44