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Top 200 Drugs

The top 200 drugs, and there generic.

Brand Name - Bayer Generic - Acetisalicylic acid (Asprin)
Brand Name - Tylenol Generic - Acetaminophen
Brand Name - Motrin/Advil Generic - Ibuprofen
Brand Name - Naprosyn Generic - Naproxen
Brand Name - MS Contin Generic - Morphine
Brand Name - Demerol Generic - Meperidine
Brand Name - Darvon Generic - Propoxyphene
Brand Name - Novocaine Generic - Procaine
Brand Name - Pontocaine Generic - Tetracaine
Brand Name - Xylocaine Generic - Lidocaine
Brand Name - Marcaine Generic - Bupivacaine
Brand Name - Cepacol Generic - Dyclonine
Brand Name - Forane Generic - Isoflurane
Brand Name - Ultane Generic - Sevoflurane
Brand Name - Suprane Generic - Desflurane
Brand Name - Diprivan Generic - Proprfol
Brand Name - Valium Generic - Diazepam
Brand Name - Amidate Generic - Etomidate
Brand Name - Zithromax Generic - Azithromycin
Brand Name - Veedits Generic - Penicillin
Brand Name - Principen Generic - Ampicillin
Brand Name - Augmentin Generic - Amoxicillin with Potassium Clavulanate
Brand Name - Geocillin Generic - Carbenicillin
Brand Name - Geocillin Generic - Carbenicillin
Brand Name - Celcor Generic - Celfaclor
Brand Name - Sumycin Generic - Tetracycline
Brand Name - Bactrim CS Generic - Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim
Brand Name - Valtrex Generic - Valacyclovir
Brand Name - Viracept Generic - Nelfinavir
Brand Name - Mycostatin Generic - Nystatin
Brand Name - Nydrazid Generic - Isoniazid
Brand Name - Flagyl Generic - Metronidazole
Brand Name - Vermox Generic - Mebendazole
Brand Name - Adrucil Generic - Fluorouracil
Brand Name - Rheumatrex Generic - Methotrexate
Brand Name - Mustargen Generic - Mechlorethamine
Brand Name - BiCNU Generic - Carmustine
Brand Name - Oncovin Generic - Vincristine
Brand Name - Velban Generic - Vinblastine
Brand Name - Lupron Generic - Leuprolide
Brand Name - Nolvadex Generic - Tamoxifen
Brand Name - Blenoxane Generic - Bleomycin
Brand Name - Adriamycin Generic - Doxorubicin
Brand Name - Cerubidine Generic - Daunorubicin
Brand Name - Bexxar Generic - Tositumomab & Iodine 131
Brand Name - Inderal Generic - Propanolol
Brand Name - Tenormin Generic - Atenolol
Brand Name - Corgard Generic - Nadolol
Brand Name - Lopressor Generic - Metoprolol
Brand Name - Calan Generic - Verapamil
Brand Name - Norvasc Generic - Amlodipine
Brand Name - Procardia Generic - Nifedipine
Brand Name - Cardizem Generic - Diltiazem
Brand Name - Lasix Generic - Furosemide
Brand Name - Hydrodiuril Generic - Hydrochlorothiazide
Brand Name - Aldactone Generic - Spironolactone
Brand Name - Capoten Generic - Captopril
Brand Name - Vasotec Generic - Enalapril
Brand Name - Zestril Generic - Lisinopril
Brand Name - Apresoline Generic - Hydralazine
Brand Name - Loniten Generic - Minoxidil
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