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Microsoft Word Vocab

Tech vocab

justification feature that determines how text and graphics are aligned with the margins
Margin blank area around the edges of the page
Gutter A area to the side or top of a document that allows extra space for binding the document
mail-merge Process by which information from a source fil can be placed in specific locations on a form letter
hanging indent an indent where all but the first line of a paragraph are indented, a marker on a the ruler may be moved to set the hanging indent
first line indent only the first line of a paragraph is indented
word wrap feature that allows text to flow automatically to the next line without having to press enter
header text and or graphics that appears at the top of every page
footer text and or graphics that appears at the bottom of every page
footnote a reference feature that places text at the bottom of the page on which the reference is made.
superscript text raised above normal line of text
subscript text lowered below the normal line of text
wizard a feature of Microsoft Office that leads you through the creation of a document. Meant to make complex tasks easier
letterhead text and or graphics designed to be displayed at the top of the letter. Often designed and then reused with many letters
AutoText Used to store keystrokes for text that may need to be typed repeatedly in a document
Legend A box that identifies the colors assigned to categories in a chart
watermark text or a graphic that displays behind text in a document. Often used for security purposes
Data source a File that contains the data that will be used to individualize form letters
template a sample document that may be used to produce another document usually just by filling in the blanks. May be used repeatedly
placeholder text text in a template meant to be replaced by the user
merge fields markers that show where to put merge data from the data source into the main mail merge
snaking columns newspaper style columns where text flows from the bottom of one column to the top of the next
text frame a container for text that allows you to position the text anywhere on the page
Pull Quote Text pulled or copied, from the text of the document and given a graphical emphasis so it stands apart and grasps the reader's attention
Insertion point The symbol that indicates where any typing will appear on the screen
Toolbars Collections of buttons that represet tasks to be performed when the button is clicked
status bar A portion of the Word screen that provides information concerning the current document such as the number of pages and the page and line numbers
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get-feature of the modern word processor that allow you to view your document on the screen as it will appear in print
scrolling moves lines of text on and off the screen
block operations features that llow the user to manipulate groups of characters at the same time
macro a mini program that allows users to automate a task that has to be performed frequently
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