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Mod 3 Week 1,2,3,4

Pharmacology 1,2,3,4 Chapter Final

inactive ingredients are examples such as binder, effervescent salt, lubricants, fillers diluents and disintegrate
common dose forms for enteral administration are solid formulations
examples enteral administration are tablets and rectal formulation
modified release formulation oral formulation designed so the drug has a longer duration of action
modified release formulations are examples of SR, CR, XR, and TR
modified release formulations are examples of that will not let the tablet disintegrate until it reaches the higher pH of the intestine
liquid formulation includes emulsions, syrups, and gels all are considered liquid formulation
Solutions includes emulsions, syrups, and gels all are considered liquid formulation
Suspension are formulations in which the drug does not completely dissolve in the liquid
Lozenges used orally, buccal and sublingually
Lozenges is also known as troches
Nitroglycerine is an example of sublingual formulation
Remove suppository from its package. SIG(directions)= unwrap and insert
enema rectal dosage form that places fliud into the rectum
what is the fastest method for delivering systemic drugs IV
asorption rate from fastest to slowest are IV, IM, SC, ID
insulin given using 28-30 gauge short needles. in special syringe that measures in UNITS. keep insulin refrigerated. check expiration dates frequently
Intradermal Injection top layer at a slight angle using short needle
Onitment cause eye blurring and should be applied at night. HS
(MDI) Metered Dose Inhalers Inhale. Aerosols that use special metering valves to deliver a fixed dose when the aerosol is activated
Transdermal Administration Patches delivers drugs to bloodstream via asorption through the skin via a patch or disk. for a systemic effect
vaginal tablets vaginal suppositories(suppositories not sterile in its final container
po orally
pr rectally
im intramuscularly
buffer system ingredients designed to control pH of a product
Verb terms to remember use- nasal inhalar
apply- topical and ointment
take- orally
insert- suppository
instill- sublingually
inject- insulin
inhale- metered dose inhaler
Asthma inflammatory disease of the lungs that occurs in attacks, and causes the airways to tighten
Adivair Diskus and Serevent Duskus there are dry powder inhalar
Bronchodilator albuterol(proventil); salmeterol(sevevent); ipratropium(atrovent)
epinphrine (epiPen) given subcutaneous and used by asthmatics immediately
Proventil (albuterol) Bronchodilator used as rescue inhaler, in which the major reported side effect is heart palpitation
levalbuterol(xopenex) rescue inhaler that is similar to than albuterol
salmeterol(sevevent) Bronchodilator indicated for maintenance therapy, that is available as a dry powder and is dosed twice daily
terbutaline (breathine) for reversible airway obstruction and bronchial asthma and used as a premature labor inhibitor
(singulair) Intended for prophylaxis and long term treatment of asthma.Approved for use in patients "12 months and older"
zafirlukast (accolate) leukotriene inhibitor intended for prophylaxis and long term treatment of asthma that is twice daily
Flonase fluticasone(flovent) is same drug in nasal spray flonase for allergies and as a MDI both should be dosed twice daily
Emphysema characterized by destruction of air sacs of the lungs, which cause the loss of the ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
bronchitis lining of the bronchial airways becomes inflamed
tiotroium(spriva) anticholinergic drug which is indicated for bronchospasms associated with emphysema and bronchitis and comes as a handiHalar with capsule of inhalation. Similar to ipratropium(atrovent), but is dosed 1x/daily
pulmozyme(dornase alfa) Mucolytes agents must be refrigerated also used for COPD
Isoniazid caused by bacterium mycobacterium tuberculosis
TB treatment regimens single agent, usually INH 300mg QD X 12 months (ISoniazid)
Rifampin works through inhibition of bacterial RNA synthesis, side effects include discoloration of body fluids
Allerigc rhinitis collection of symptoms which occur when you breathe in something you are allergic to
Codeine C-V
benzonatate(tessalon) do not chew capsule, non schedule drug/legend
pseudoephedrine(Sudafed) Most used and most effective decongestant; in many combinations. strong abuse potential, can be made into methamphentamine. amount purchased at one time is limited
diphenhydramine(Benadryl) major ingredient in Over-The-Counter sleep agent
fluticasone(flovent,flonase) used in two different forms: nasal spray for allergies and a MDI(both should be dosed twice daily)
mometasone furoate(Nasonex) used to prevent allergic rhinitis is a nasal corticosteroid
Medrol (methylprednisolone) Dosed-pack contains 21-4mg tablets that last 6 days, in which the patient starts which a high dose and is tapered down
disease state contraindication codeine/asthma or emphysema, PSE/ high blood pressure, hycodan/diabetic
nebulizer solution SIG-use
SOB Shortness Of Breath
photosensitivity: an abnormal sensitivity to light; can be caused by many different classes of medication
acne vulgaris: increased glandular activity puberty; sebaceous duct becomes plugged and the gland and hair follicle becomes engorged with sebum and form a papule
acne vulgaris- clindamycin benzoyl peroxide (BenzaClin)(Use topical)
.acne vulgaris- isotretinoin(Accutane, Claravis)Oral treatment
tazorac also used for wrinkles and psoriasis
acne is treated oral contraceptives such as ortha-tri-cylcen can have beneficial effect on acne
topical treatment for acne vulgaris Retin-A
tretinoin(Renova) -lower dose of tretinoin used for wrinkles
pruritis: itching associated with skin disorders (hives and rash) or some systemic disease or irritation form chemical substances
eczema: a hot, itchy, red, oozing condition; two types: atopic and contact
contact dermatitis: inflammatory reaction in response to contact with irritating agent; poison oak, poison ivy
psoriasis: chronic noncontagious condition product patches of red, scaly skin(plaques)
psoriasis and eczema -tacrolimus (protopic) immunosuppressant drug)
viral infections shingles, cold sores, warts
cold sores -docossanol (abreva) OTC topical
imquimod(aldara) approved for treatment of external, genital, warts, and psoriasis
selenium sulfide -eflornithine (vaniqa)
actinic keratosis scaly skin lesion that is caused by too much sun and can lead to skin cancer
candidiasis causes lesion in the mouth(thrush) or vagina area
terbinafine (lsmisil) ringworm: apply 4 ties a day
impetigo is a superficial, highly contagious skin infection. -common in early childhood. -caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus
furuncle(boil): staphylococcal infection of a sebaceous gland and hair follicle
rosacea: chronic dermatologic disorder with erythema, papules and pustules that may become infected
topical treatment for impetigo caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus
treatment for lice and scabies elimite(permethrin)
metastasis- the process by which cancer spreads from the place at which it started to distant locations in the body
when should an otic suspension be dispensed over a solution when there are tubes in the ear, when the doctor does not specify which form to give and when eardrum is ruptured
when should an otic suspension be dispensed over a solution when there tubes in the ear, when the doctor dose not specify which form to give to and when the eardrum is ruptured.
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