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Multiple Intelligenc


What is mild retardation? IQ below 50-70, may have difficulty learning to walk and speech
Down Syndrom, can learn to speak and dress themselves snd take care of their personal hygine under support. IQ below 35-49
require constant supervision and can't preform daily routines. Can't understand their speech. IQ 20-34
Can barely comminicate and cannot do anything for themselves. IQ below 20
gifted IQ above 130
Thomas Bouchard: found that IQ score of identical twins are more similar in their IQ scores. Genetic Infuences
Children have similar IQ scores as their parents Heritability
Children who were adopted have similar IQ score as their biological parents rather than their adoptee parents. Adoptee Studies
Home & Parenting, educational toys, good home enviroment, parents are involved with their child and are emotionally and verbally responsive. Enviromental Influences
increse in IQ scores, expanded vocab., higher level of income and edu., inact family life, more likely to graduate. Advantages of preschool programs. ex. Headstart
shows the intellectual level at which a child is functioning Stanford-Binet Scale
developed 1st intelligence test, and thought intelligence increased with age. Alfred Binet
number that reflects relationship between a child's Mental Age (MA) and their actual age. Chronical Age
Mental Age(MA) divide by Chornical Age(CA)x 100 IQ
any score that has been changed from a raw score in a systematic way Transformed Score
most widely used test; cosists of verbal and eformance subtests. Reveals strengths and weaknesses, also detects mental disabilities. Wechsler Scale
listening to classical music and training in music can help enhance spatial reasoning ability Mozart effect
things you know you can do; abilities to learn from experience Intelligence Vs. Achievement
people who do well in one area, will do well in another. Spearman's two-factor theory
visual and spatial, perceptual, numerica, verbal, memory, and word fluency Thurston's Theory of Primary Mental Abilities
Able to derive general rules from examples. Inductive Reasoning
Liguistic, Logical, Visual, Bodily, Musical, Intraperssonal, and Interpersonal. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intlelligence
Analytic-problem solving, practical-performing everyday tasks, and creative-dealing with new situations. Sternberg's Triacrchi Theory
5 factors: self-awarness, mood management, self-motivation, impulse control, and people skills Goldman's Emotional Intelligence
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