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vocabulary for east asia

kunlun mountains mountains located in the west of china
qinling shandi mountains mountains in southeastern china
haung he a river in northern china also known as the yellow river
chang jiang the longest river in asia
xi jiang a river that flows from east china ALSO KNOWN AS the east river
typhoon a hurricane in the eastern hemisphere
taklimakan desert a desert located in east china
gobi desert a desert located in northern china
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
spheres of influence a method of dividing foreign control in china
boxer rebellion an uprising in china in in 1900 spurred by chinese militants
mao zedong the communist leader in china who deafeted the nationilists
confuscionism a religion based on the teachings of confuscious
taoism a philosophy based on the tao te chang
buddhism an indian religion based on Buddha
economic tiger a country with rapid economic growth
pacific rim island countries feom china to new zealand
typhoon a hrricane in the eastern hemispher
three gorges dam a dam constructed in the late 20th century to help control floodin in china
PCBs an industrial component that accumalates in animal tissue
three kingdoms the kingdoms formed in in the peninsula
seoul the largest city in south korea
pyongyang the largest city in north korea
samuri an ancient chinese warrior
shogun the general of the emperors army
ring of fire the chain of valcanos the sorround the pacific rim
great kanto earthquake a devastating earthquake in east asia
tsunami a large tidal wave
UNICEF provides care to the region
global economy the worlds economy
jakota triangle the zone of prosperity between japan south korea and china
recession a time of lessened spending and lowered costs in a region
sweatshop A Workplace where people work long hours for little pay
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