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Geography STAAR 1

Oskooi - World Geography - Category 1

Colonization One country taking over another area to be used for their benefit
Diffusion Spread of ideas, inventions or patterns of behavior
Migration People moving from one country to another or within a country
Push Factors Things that cause a person to leave his/her country (war, famine, unemployment)
Pull Factors Things that attract a person to move to a new country (jobs, better way of life, stable government)
Columbian Exchange Cultural diffusion resulting from Columbus’ voyages and the interchange between regions of contact (Europeans and the Americas)
Boundaries Man-made or naturally created lines dividing parts of the earth’s surface (i.e. political units, coast lines)
Political Anything to do with government, laws, boundaries
Political Units Man-made government units (i.e. cities, states, countries)
Democracy A government by the people; decisions based on direct input from citizens
Dictatorship A government which has the power to govern without the consent of the governed; the power rests in the hands of an individual or a small group and was taken by force or by inheritance; power is unrestricted by constitution
Monarchy A government in which the power is passed down through a single family, power can range from absolute to one limited by constitution
Republic A government in which the leadership is elected
Theocracy A government where religious leaders hold political power
Totalitarian A government that exercises total (absolute) control over its people
Stateless nations groups of people without established sovereign borders; such as Kurds or Palestinians
United Nations (UN) International organization established to provide diplomatic options for conflicts between nations
European Union (EU) Regional alliance established to increase commerce between member nations
Nationalism A devotion to one’s country or one’s ethnic group
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