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Chap 22

What are problems associated with industrialization? warfare and political turmoil among nations
Why is the number of newspapers and magazines in the area limited? because of the scarcity of newspaper and the low literacy rate
What is the best mean of communication in Africa? the radio
What are the reasons for the decline of highways and railroads? wars and lack of money
African nations often act as supply bases for the industrial world because past colonial rulers left Africa underdeveloped
Forests cover about ___ of Africa 25%
What is Ghana's cash crop cacao
What is Burundi's cash crop? coffee
Why are there big gaps in the standard of living of blak and white south Africans? because of an uneven distribution of the profits from minerals
What are some methods that might be used to boost crop yields in the region? Farm machinery and fertilizers and conservation methods to protect the soil
transforming arable land into desert desertification
disappearance from the earth extinction
illegal hunting poaching
destruction of timber areas deforestation
living areas habitat
tourism based on the environment ecotourism
Why has commercial fishing developed slowly in the region? because most nations cannot afford the necessary ocean trawlers
How has Nigeria attempted to promote economic growth? by lifting taxes on goods shipped by landlocked nations to its ports
What is Africa 's Cycle of Poverty Civil War and the expansion of the desert cause poverty and both are precipitated by unrest and the desire to create a better life
I didnt put any of the farming definitions on here. ok? ok.
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