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The third play in the Oedipus the King trilogy.

What is ... theatron? The seats for the audience.
What is ... orkestra? The area where the band/choir played/sang.
What is ... altar? The altar was used to sacrifice animals.
What is ... parados? The entrance issles for the actors and chorus.
What is ... skene? The building where the actors change and use during the play.
What is ... proskenium? The backdrop for the play.
What is ... dithyramb? An ampitheater with a skene building or a proskenium.
Who is ... Dionysus? The god of Wine, Harvest, and Fertility.
Who is ... Thespis? The first playwright at the harvest.
Who is ... Aeschylus? The playwright that used two actors on stage at the harvest.
Who is ... Sophocles? The playwright that used three characters onstage at once during his plays at the harvest.
Who is ... Teiresias? Thebes's oracle.
Who is ... Eteocles? A son of Oedipus.
Who is ... Polyneices? A son of Oedipus.
Who is ... Antigone? The rebellious daughter of Oedipus that buries her brother.
Who is ... Ismene? The dim-witted daughter of Oedipus.
Who is ... Jocasta? Oedipus's mother and wife.
Who is ... Laios? Oedipus's father.
Who is ... Polybus? The King of Corinth.
What is ... Colonus? The city that blind Oedipus and his daughters run away to.
Who is ... Creon? Jocasta's brother, the new King of Thebes.
Who is ... Megareus? A son of Creon.
Who is ... Haimon? A son of Creon.
Who is ... Eurydice? Creon's wife, the new Queen of Thebes.
Explain ... Ode 1. This ode talks about how man is a world wonder. It says that man has accomplished much, like food, language, and shelter. Near the end of the ode, it says that laws are what make humans wonderful and anarchists are evil.
Explain ... Ode 2. This ode brings up the point that Oedipus's children are going to face the Gods' wrath. It states that Antigone has ruined her fate by burying her brother. The ode declares that pride and arrogance make Zeus angry.
Explain ... Ode 3. Ode 3 talks about how Love can ruin the lives of well-off men, but also bring two humans together. It says that even immortals can't escape love, and Aphrodite gains plea\sure in mocking us with love.
Explain ... Ode 4. This Ode declares the horrible act that Creon commited by sealing Antigone in a cave. It compares three stories to Antigone's plight.
Explain ... Exodos. The exodos occurs when the messenger has come to tell the Choragus and Creon that Haimon and Antigone are dead. Soon, Eurydice overhears this and kills herself. This leaves the used-to-be prideful Creon alone with no sons or wife.
Explain ... Final Speech. This speech is giving by the Choragus to the audience, directly. It proclaims that you should submit to the Gods. It also states that pride is a horrible act, and Creon learned to become wise as he aged.
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