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PTCB PT Practice ?s

practice exam questions for pharmacy technician licensing

How many numbers are in each segment of a National Drug Code? 5,4,2
The technician fails to place a prescription label on the liquid medication bottle. Which law is being broken? Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
A technician breaks her little toe when she drops a box of labels on her foot. What law allows the employee to collect damages from the employer? Occupational and Safety Act
What is the drug classification of quinapril? ACE inhibitor
Which of the following medications is a single active ingredient item? a) Bactrim DS b) Maxzide c) Estrace d) Premphase c) Estrace
What schedule is Tylenol #3? Schedule III
Where is Intron stored? Refrigerator
Which of the following insulin is allowed in an IV bag? a) Humalog b) Lente c) NPH d) Regular d) Regular* *the only type of insulin for IV
What is the responsibility of the pharmacy technician if the customer wants to purchase a bottle of aspirin and the prescription refill they are picking up is warfarin? Do not ring up the customer until the pharmacist can be informed of the interaction possibility and a chance to counsel the patient.
What is the brand name of allopurinol? Zyloprim
What are the maximum allowable refills allowed on Celexa, Ritalin and Vicodin? 12,0,5
The pharmacist asks you to dissolve 15 grams of a drug in 200 ml of solution. What is the percentage of the solution? 7.5
The physician orders Premarin, gr. 1/100. What strength is this in milligrams? .625
A child weighs 22 lbs. The doctor writes that they are to receive a drug at 50 mg/kg/day divided into tid dosing. What is the amount of each dose? 167
Convert 38 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. 100.4
What is room temperature? 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C)
Which class of antidepressants requires a wash out period before starting a new class of antidepressants? MAOI *old-school antidepressant lots of contraindication
Which of the following is not required on a prescription label? a) Lot number b) Directions of Use c) Prescriber's DEA d) a and e d) a and c
Interpret the following latin: "i-ii cap stat, i q 6 h, NMT 5/12 H" take one to two capsules immediately then 1 capsule every 6 hours; no more than 5 capsules in a 12 hour period
If a pharmacist told you to make 24 of these dosage forms using the punch method, what dosage form are you making? capsule
The dry gum method (continental method) is used in making of which dosage form? emulsions
Patient Phyliss Percocet drops off a prescription from Dr. Randall Dolittle MD, determine which of the following is Dr. Dolittle's correct DEA. a) MD5516044 b) DD5516048 c) BD5516046 d) AD5516045 c) BD5516046
How many mcg of Fluoride are in 2 ounces of 0.25mg/ml Poly-Vi-Flor drops? 15000 mcg
Prescription: 180 g of 15% Benzoyl Peroxide cream. You have a 300g jar of benzoyl peroxide cream labeled 100mg/g and a stock bottle of benzoyl peroxide on hand. How much of each do you need to fill the Rx? 10g of stock bottle 170g of 100mg/g jar
Which of the following medications do not require a medication guide to be dispensed along with it? a) Amiodarone b) Cymbalta c) Vicoprofen d) Digoxin e) All of these medications require med guides d) Digoxin
Which of the following medications is not a schedule III substance according to the DEA? a) Provigil b) Androgel c) Vicodin d) Hycotuss syrup a) Provigil *pretty much speed about $500/month only covered for narcolepsy
Which of the following brand/generic pairs are incorrectly matched? a) compazine - prochlorperazine b) Robaxin - Methazolamide c) Cataflam - Diclofenac d) Amaryl - glimepiride b) Robaxin - Methazolamide
What do the last 2 numbers of NDC 00024-5421-31 refer to? package size
Which of the following does not have an OTC equivalent of the same strength? a) Prilosec 20mg b) Meclizine 25mg c) Zantac 150mg d) Ibuprofen 400mg e) All have OTC equivalents d) Ibuprofen 400mg
Which of the following is a calcium channel blocker? a) Tenormin b) Zocor c) Cardizem d) Lasix c) Cardizem
If 250 ml of D5W is to be infused over 4 hours and the drops are set at 20 gtts/ml, what is the drops/min? 20.8
What is the days of supply for 30 tablets if the directions stated, "i t po tid"? 10
What does it mean when the directions say 'prn'? as needed
Which of the following does not come in a transdermal patch? a) Estradiol b) Clonidine c) Methylphenidate d) Lopid d) Lopid
What is the generic name of Biaxin? Clarithromycin *antibiotic
A prescription for Amoxicillin reads, "i tea po tid q.s.10d". What does q.s. mean? quantity sufficient
What classification is Robaxin? muscle relaxer
How many inventory turns would a pharmacy experience if their initial inventory of the account period was $200,000, the final inventory of the period was $230,000, and they had sales of $1.1 million? 5
What is the generic name for Percodan? aspirin + oxycodone
Which of the following products requires refrigeration? a) Clarithromycin after reconstitution b) Latanoprost c) Bactrim suspension d) Losarten b) c) d) b) Latanoprost *Xalatan for glaucoma eyedrop
An 18 gauge needle is _______ compared to a 30 gauge needle. larger in diameter
Tetracycline requires which auxiliary label(s)? avoid sunlight take all medication until gone take 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking antacids or dairy products
Which of the following is not an automated dispensing system? a) Pyxis MedStation b) Baxter SureMed c) Robot Rx d) Periodic Automated Replacement (PAR) d) Periodic Automated Replacement (PAR)
What abbreviation means "into the skin"? ID
A technician is able to do all of the following except: a) Compounding b) Fill CII prescriptions c) Copies from pharmacy to pharmacy d) Bill third party payers. c) Copies from pharmacy to pharmacy *pharmacist calls pharmacist for transfer as if brand new Rx being given
If a person is deficient in cyanocobalamin, what should the patient take? Vitamin B 12
What schedule is codeine? schedule III
What size particles are caught by a HEPA filter? .30
How many ounces are in 1.5 L? 50
A doctor orders Armour Thyroid 1 1/2 grain daily. How many milligrams is this? 30
When would you use a filter needle? extracting a liquid out of an ampule
Which of the following is considered Durable Medical Equipment? a) Cane b) Insulin c) Syringe d) Vial a) Cane
What is the generic name for Provera? medroxyprogesterone
What is the generic name for Narcan? Naloxone
Which reference book would you use to search for approved drugs with therapeutic equivalence? Orange Book
Which of the following pairs is an example of Therapeutic equivalence? a) simvastatin - lovastatin b) quinapril - furosemide c) Zestril - lisinopril d) Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 - ortho-Novum 1/35 c) Zestril - lisinopril
What is the brand name for levobunolol? Betagan
Medications that end in "-pril" are what classifications? ACE inhibitors
The selling price is $298 and the markup is $154. What is the cost and the percent markup? 144,106%
A customer comes to you (a technician) and tells you a story of their rash they get each year around Christmas time. What are you allowed to do? Have the customer talk to the pharmacist.
What is the generic for Dyazide? triamterene - hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ)
The classification of drugs that end in "azepam" are what? a) benzodiazepines b) CIV c) anti-anxiety agents d) all of the above d) all of the above
What does OBRA stand for? Omnibus Reconciliation Act
What is the brand name of amlodopine? Norvasc
How long does a laminar flow hood need to run before using? 30-60 minutes
Which of the following is an antifungal? a) tretinoin b) tacrolimus c) ketoconazole d) clobetasole c) ketoconazole
What do you use to wipe down a laminar flow hood? 70% isopropyl alcohol
Which of the following is classified as a CI? a) Hydrocodone b) Marijuana c) Cocaine d) Dextroamphetamine b) Marijuana
What is the maximum daily dosage of APAP? 4000mg
How is insulin injected and what length needle would you use? SC, 5/8 inch SQ, 1/2 inch
Interpret the following latin: "5 gtts as q1h x 24 h, qid x 7 d". Insert 5 drops in the left ear every hour for 24 hours then four times a day for 7 days.
Which of the following does not mean 'sustained release'? a) LA b) CR c) Depot d) All the above are correct d) All the above are correct
Absorption of a medication (i.e. tablet) means? from administration site into the bloodstream
The purpose of enteric coating a medication is to...? prevent dissolution inside the stomach and to pass into the intestines to be dissolved
Translate the Roman numberals: MCMXII and XLIII 1912 and 43
A powder-filled capsule contains 125mg of medication. How many capsules will you need to accumulate 0.15 kg of the active ingredient? 1200
If the dose is 0.6g/day and the drug is to be given in three equally divided does each day, what is the amount of each dose in milligrams and how many days will it last if you weigh out a total of 2g? 200mg and ~3 days
If you have a flow rate of 30 drops/minute using a 20 drop set, how many liters would you deliver in 24 hours? 2.16
What is the most accurate method of measuring 25ml of water? Place a graduated cylinder on a hard, level surface. Bend your knees or bend over to get your eyelevel down even to the 25ml mark and then proceed to fill the cylinder to the 25ml mark. Read from the bottom of the meniscus.
Which two antibiotics must remain at room temperature after reconstitution? a) Biaxin, Omnicef b) Biaxin, minocycline c) EryPed, Omnicef d) cefaclor, EES a) Biaxin, Omnicef
All of the following are beta blockers except: a) Sectral b) Zebeta c) Plendil d) Normadyne c) Plendil
When working with a biohazardous material, what laminar flow hood would you use? vertical laminar flow hood AND/OR safety biological cabinet
Distribution of a medication inside the body means: drug goes to where it is needed
Which pairs of medications are film coated to mask the bad taste of the medication? a) Biaxin, Armour Thyroid b) Depakote, Biaxin c) Zithromax, Bactrim DS d) Nitroglycerin, Inderal LA d) Depakote, Biaxin
The definition of a "Class A" environment is: An area containing no more than 100 particles, 0.3 microns or larger in size per cubic square foot of air to prepare sterile products.
Out of all the components that are added to a TPN bag, which one supplies the most energy? fats
Albuterol is to bronchodilator as is fluticasone is to ____________. corticosteroid
Which type of mortar and pestle is used to blend powders? porcelain
What is the name of the opening of a needle of a syringe? lumen
Laminar flow hoods and HEPA filters must be certified how often? every 6 months
The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 is enforced and regulated by whom? DEA
Metabolism of a medication inside the body means: drug is broken down by the liver
There are 100mg/tbsp. How many grams are in 2 fluid ounces? 0.4
Which drug does not need to be packaged in a child-resistant package? a) Nitroglycerin b) Estradiol c) Lanoxin d) a and c a) Nitroglycerin
A 40% solution has been diluted to 500ml, and is now a 15% solution. What was the beginning volume of the 40% solution? 187.5ml
A pharmacy technician has been asked to add 25 units of insulin to an intravenous bag. How many ml is this technician going to add? 0.25ml
How much active ingredient is in 200ml of a 1:15,000 solution? 0.01g
Which of the following are calcium channel blockers? a) Calan b) Isoptin c) Verelan d) All of the above d) All of the above
Which symptom would an antitussive relieve? cough
Which of the following is not a laxative? a) Citrucel b) Imodium c) Senna d) Castor Oil b) Imodium
A patient hands you a prescription for Dyazide. The following medications are in the patient's profile. Which one would you bring to the pharmacist's attention? a) Potassium b) Thiamine c) Docusate d) Zofran a) Potassium
What is the generic name of Prevacid? lansoprazol
What classification of medication would relieve sneezing and runny nose and hives? antihistamine
Coumadin (warfarin) interacts with all of the following except... a) Ibuprofen b) Aspirin c) Amoxicillin d) All of the above d) All of the above
What is the term for the process when a pharmacist places tablets in a mortar and crushes them into a powder with a pestle and mixes with another powder? trituration
Lanoxin is to arrythmias as is Norvasc is to ___________. hypertension
How many inches is the minimum distance that is considered safe for a technician to put their arms inside a flow hood? 6 inches
What dosage form has the highest concentration of alcohol? tincture
A 20% (W/V) topical antiseptic is available in the pharmacy. The pharmacist receives an order for 1 liter of a 1:2000 solution. How much of the original solution will be necessary to fill the order? 2.5ml
A formulary is developed by who? P&T Committee
What schedule is Robitussin AC? schedule V
If a needle is inserted improperly through the rubber of a vial, a small piece of rubber may be caught inside the needle and may cause contamination. This is called what? coring
Which of the following requires a patient package insert (PPI)? a) Digoxin b) Albuterol c) Betagan d) Tretinoin b) Albuterol
What class of recall can result in death? Class I recall
A repackaging log requires what for documentation? name of drug, R.Ph. initials, expiration date of manufacturer
What is the infusion rate in ml/hr if 1000ml is infused over 6 hours? 167ml/hr
After a customer picks up their prescription, we ask them to sign what? signature log
Which of the following is not used for relief of migraines? a) Zomig b) Maxalt c) Zofran d) Imitrex c) Zofran *ondansetron - anti-nausea
How often is the pharmacy required to do an inventory of all their controlled substances? every two years
What is required on the prescription if it is for Vicodin? a) Date b) Quantity c) DEA d) All of the above d) All of the above
What does "U&C" mean? Usual and Customary
What medication is stored in the freezer? a) Prostaglandin b) Gentamicin IV bag c) Vancomycin IV bag d) All of the above d) All of the above
What medication is injected IM? a) Demerol b) Humulin N c) Humalog d) Lantus a) Demerol
What is JCAHO responsible for? ensures medications are used safely, effectively, and appropriately
What term is the process that the third party payer sets a price for a drug? adjudication
How many ml are in 3 gallons? 11,355
What does Rx stand for? recipe/to take
Which of the following is a concern when an IV has fats in it? a) Instability b) Appearance c) PH d) All of the above a) Instability
Only compounding pharmacies are required to keep MSDS on hand. True or false? false
What medication cannot be put in a syringe? a) Potassium Chloride b) Furosemide c) Demerol d) All cannot be put in a syringe a) Potassium Chloride
Upon registering a new customer into the computer system, they tell you that they are allergic to Gantrisin. What would you put under their allergy profile? Sulfa
What is the 80/20 rule? Focuses on the top 20% of the items carried in a pharmacy and then 80% of the pharmacy inventory drug cost comes from this 20%.
What is the flow rate to be used to infuse 1200 ml of dextrose 5% in water over 4 hours if the set delivers 15 drops per ml? 75 gtt/min
The physician orders cefaclor 450mg tid. The drug is available as a 375mg/5ml suspension. What volume should be given for each dose? 6 ml
What volume of 4% hydrocortisone solution can be made from 30gm of hydrocortisone powder? 750 ml
How many 200mg tablets would be required to make 1.5 liters of a 1:250 solution? 30 tablets
How many milliliters of a 3% solution need to be used with a 12% solution in preparing 450 ml of a solution containing 7%? 250 ml
The recommended dose of cefadroxil is 30mg/kg/day. What would be the daily dosage for a child who weighs 44 lbs? 600 mg
Vitamin E capsules have a cost of $4.50. The markup at the store is 16%. What is the selling price for the Vit.E? $5.22
A technician has been given 300ml of a 15% hydrochloric acid solution. The pharmacist ask the technician to dilute the solution to 1000ml with sterile water and to label the final solution. What percent should appear on the label? 4.5%
How many teaspoons are in 16 ounces? 96 teaspoons
Convert the following number to Roman numerals: 1139 MCXXXIX
Another name for hydrocodone/acetaminophen is: Vicodin
Maintaining a correct count of narcotic supply is an example of: inventory control
Divide the following and choose the best answer: 4 2/3 divided by 2/3 = ? a) 6 2/3 b) 8 c) 7 d) 7 1/3 c) 7
Reduce the following to lowest terms, then choose the best answer: 88/11 = ? a) 7 2/11 b) 8 c) 6 3/11 d) 8 1/11 b) 8
75% of what number is 62? 82.7
An over-the-counter drug is: medication that can be purchased without a prescription
Solve for X in 4.4:8.2 :: X:5.6 3.0
The hospital committee that is usually responsible for creating and maintaining the drug formulary is the: Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee P & T Committee
You have a bottle of Ceclor suspension 125mg/5ml. The dose needed is 425mg. How many ml need to be dispensed? 17
You have a vial of Testosterone for injection 200mcg/ml. The dose needed is 275mcg. How many ml will be needed for this dose? 1.38
The term "antitussive" refers to: relieve coughing
A tablet that has a special coating to prevent dissolution in the stomach so that the tablet will dissolve in the intestines is called: enteric coated
Change the following ratio to a percentage: 7:92 7.6%
Convert the following to an Arabic number: MMCDLIV 2454
To dispense an order calling for: Prednisone 5mg i tid X 3 days, i bid X 3 days, 1 qd X 3 days, the total medication needed is: 18 tablets
Diazepam is considered a: a) generic name b) chemical name c) trade name d) brand name a) generic name
The process that brings a drug from the administration site into the blood stream is called: absorption
The prescriber's DEA number is required on a prescription for: controlled substances
You have a vial of codeine for injection 60mg/3ml. The dose needed is 7ml. How many mg will be administered? 140
You have Decadron liquid available 0.5mg/3ml. The dose needed is 3.7mg. How many ml will be dispensed? 22.2
Dilaudid is considered a: a) generic name b) chemical name c) common name d) brand name d) brand name
Generically equivalent drugs are: chemically identical in strength, concentration, dosage form and route of administration
When two or more drugs combine to provide a response that is greater than the sum of the individual drugs, it is called: synergism
The federal health insurance provided to people age 65 and over is called: Medicare
Another name for Tylenol is: Pandol
Lisinopril is another name for: Prinivil
All of the following are Schedule II (C2) drugs EXCEPT: a) Demerol b) Duragesic c) Percodan d) Tussionex d) Tussionex
Which prefix stands for kidney? nephro
The latin abbreviation for left ear is: A.S.
Which chemical symbol represents potassium? K
If a Pharmacist weighs 178 kg, how many lbs. does this Pharmacist weigh? 392
22 gr is the same as how many mg? 1430
An antipyretic drug would: reduce fever



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