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South and ME Asia

Second half of the asia content test (middle east and south asia) east asia)

What is the Taj Mahal and where is it located? It is located in Northern India and it is is a monument/burial site for for the death of the Mogul emperor Shahn Jahan's wife
What is the Green Revolution and how did it impact India? It was when the production of agriculture in developing countries during the 1940s and 60s. it was good and bad. good because it increased food production tremendously. bad because the water tables are shrinking, pesticides harm soil, farmers in debt
What is the holiest city for Hindus in India? Varanasi
How have people adapted to monsoons? they have built raised houses with slanted roofs to prevent from flood damage. they have also learned to irrigate the water for crops and save it so in the dry seasons they still have water
Define batik. it is the method of dyeing fabric which the parts not intended to be dyed are covered with removable wax
Define henna. dyes made from mashed leaves used to paint one's body with intricate designs
Who is Ghandi and what tactics did he use to protest the British colonization of India? He was A Hindu leader who began opposition movements against British rule. He used civil disobediance which eventually led India to gain their independence.
Colonization is never looked at as a good thing. Nevertheless, colonization has had more of a beneficial legacy because... ASK MRS. JOY
Why is there conflict in Kashmir? because Kashmir is in the middle of 3 different powerful countries and Kashmir has an abundance of water which is very scarce so there is conflict over who controls the land
What is the caste system and how is your caste determined? does it still exist today? the caste system was developed by the Hindus classifies your social status. you are born into your caste (which is passed down from generation to generation). the caste system does not "officialy" exist but the effects of it are very evident today
Why would Christianity or Islam appeal to the Dalits? because in Christianity there is always hope and no one is discriminated against
What are the main languages in India? Hindi and English are the main languages. However, there are 15 official languages and many more dialects
How would you describe Bollywood? It is the center of Indian film history and it is very developed, urban, dense population etc.
Describe the development of the Middle East. developing to middle income
What is HDI and per capita GDP? which one would be better for looking at the development of the Middle East? Why? per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product)- amount of money a person makes in a year. HDI (Human Development Index)- includes other standards of living. you should use ________
What are the three religions that consider Jerusalem, Israel to be a holy city? Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Why might people in the Middle East connect with their religion more than their country? because there have been many different religions and borders but their religion still remains rooted to them regardless
What are the three main Western religions? What are three things they have in common? Christianity, Islam and Judaism. all of the religions have the same birthplace, their goal is all to live a life in accordance with God and they all have rules for major beliefs (i.e. 10 comandments, 5 pillars of Islam)
What is the most popular religion in the Middle East? Islam
Which religions are ethnic? which are universal? Chrisitanity is universal and Judaism/Islam are ethnic
What continents are included in the "Middle East?" Northern Africa and southwest Asia
Why is North Africa more culturally alike to the Middle East than Sub-Sahran Africa? Because they are very different in culture and economics
What is the most popular language spoken in the Middle East? Arabic
Most of the Middle East in Arab. What are the three major exceptions? Where are they located? ASK MRS JOY
Which two resources are critical to the Middle East? Why? oil because the region is rich in it and water because it is necessary for life but hard to come by
What are other names for the ME? cradle of civilization or the bread basket
Why are these straits important? (suez, Hormuz, Dardanelles, Bosporus) because they enhanced trade routes (especially for oil)
What does OPEC stand for? What is its purpose? (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). its purpose is to steady the supply of oil
Do most ME countries have diversified economies? Why or why not? no because oil is pretty much the only thing that supports their economy
What is the Hagia Sophia and where is it located? located in Turkey- first it was a church and then a mosque but now it is a museum
What is the Western Wall and where is it located? located in jerusalem- it is the center of Jewish prayer
What is the importance of the Kabaa and where is it located? located in Mecca- it is the holiest place for Islam pilgrimage
What is the Dome of the Rock and where is it located? located in Jerusalem- Islamic shrine
What is the church of the holy sepulcher and where is it located? located in jerusalem- church built near Jesus' crucifixion
What is a primate city? a city that is at least twice the size in population of the next largest city
What is a bazaar? open air markets that sell goods for tourists
What is a souk (suq)? open air markets that sells good to local (groceries, clothes, gold etc.0
What aspects of Turkey's site allowed it to thrive as a city? it was built at the top of a peninsula with a good natural harbor/ the peninsula is protected from overland attack by water on three sides
What aspects of Turkey's situation helped it thrive as a city? it is a trade route city
What are examples of island cities? Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore
What is a confluence? where two rivers come together
What are examples of confluence cities? Khartoum and Pittsburgh
What are examples of hilltop cities? Athens, Rome and Jerusalem
What are examples of cities built as trade routes? Istanbul and Mali
What are examples of cities with important pilgrimage destinations? Jerusalem, Mecca, Vatican City, Varanasi
What are examples of cities built because they were supply stations? Cape Town
What are 3 types of WMD? Which country has used all three? nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
Why might the stability of the ME actually be more important to European countries? because if the trade routes in the ME become unstable then Europe is directly affected
Why does the US support Israel? we feel sympathetic towards them due to the holocaust and also they were our allies during the cold war
Why are human rights and justice issues difficult to apply to ME countries? because it is difficult to makes laws that are not offensive to religion
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