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Unit 5 - Bony Thorax

Q & A

EC- What is abnormal presence of air in the pleural cavity called? Pneumothorax
EC- What are the 8 organs of the abdominal cavity Stomach - Spleen - Liver - Gallbladder - Pancreas-Small Intestine - Large Intestine
EC - Name the 5 great vessels Superior Vena Cava - Inferior Vena Cava - Pulmonary Arteries - Veins - Aorta
How many "PAIRS" of ribs are there? 12
The sternum is classified as _____ bone Flat
What are the ribs called in the upper bracket (1-7) called? TRUE RIBS
The ribs are classified as _____________ bones. Flat Bones
T/F - Ribs #10 and Ribs #11 are called floating ribs. FALSE - 11 & 12
The Superior portion of a lung is called the ______. APEX
The Inferior portion of a lung is called the ______ BASE
What are the 4 Organs located in the mediastinum Heart - Greater Vessel - Trachea - Esophagus
All ____ thoracic vertebrae have costavertebral joints. 12
What are the major organs in the pelvic cavity? Bladder -Prostate Gland - Uterus - Ovary - Rectum
Asthenis represents what body type? The " Very Slender" Body type
An image should be taken in the " Lower Ribs" on full _________ . EX-PIRATION
When positioning the ribs in a AP Oblique (UPPER RIBS) the body is _____ * to the IR. 45*
When positioning the ribs in the PA (UPPER RIBS)the CR passes ____ between the spine and the side of the body. MIDWAY
RPO deomonstrates ____ ____ ribs. Right Posterior
A 14"x17" placed longitudinally for UPPER RIBS with the top of the IR _____ " to _____" above the top of the shoulder 1.5" to 2"
A 10" X 12" placed transversely for lower ribs with ____ of IR at the iliac crest BOTTOM
An Image should be taken in the "UPPER RIBS" on full ________. IN-Spiraton
LPO demonstrates _____ _____ ribs. LEFT POSTERIOR
Why would you need to use a sponge under the patient if procedure is done lying down. To maintain the position
In a PA Oblique (RAO) you will need to use the _______ technique. BREATHING
How much rotation in a OBLIQUE postion of the sternum 15* to 20* to the IR
Chest imaging is done on full __________. IN-spiration
When taking a chest image the SID should be _____". 72"
In a chest image the top of the IR should be _________" to ______" above top of the shoulder. 1.5" to 2"
In a chest PA/AP the body is ________ to the IR? PARALLEL
In a chest image the CR is @ what level? T7/IR
In a chest image for a LEFT LATERAL postion a patien is ______ with both arms above thier head. ERECT
In the AP Lordotic view the body is placed 45* to the IR. 45*
In the LATERAL DECUBITUS is done to demonstrate any free _____ in the pleural space. FLUID
The AP Lordotic is done to deomonstrate an _____ view of the lung spaces UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW
What does KUB stand for? KIDNEY - URETER - BLADDER
AP KUB imaging is done on a full _______. EX - piration
In the AP KUB the CR to the IR is at the level of the _________ crest. ILIAC CREST
What does the AP ERECT mean? Patient is standing/sitting arms by sides
In the AP erect you will see what? AIR FLUID LEVELS - FREE INTRAPERITONEAL AIR
In the LATERAL DECUBITUS position which side is the patient lying? LEFT SIDE
An infection of the lung that is commonly caused by BACTERIA and VIRUSES is called what? Pneumonia
A collection of fluid in the pleural space is called what? Pleural Effusion
______ are hard masses developed from cholesterol and bile. Gallstones
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