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4E SS Ch 7 &8

major crop on the Great Plains wheat
major crop on the Central Plains corn
resource found in the Mesabi Range iron
area of the Middle West affected by the "lake effect" southern Michigan
The Great Plains area is mostly ___. dry grassland
European country that first claimed the lands in the Middle West France
What happened when settlers tried to take over part of the Lakota reservation known as the Black Hills in the 1870s? War broke out.
Henry Ford and many other auto makers set up factories in this city. Detroit
turning crops into packaged food items sold in grocery stores food processing
process that involves clearing all the plants and soil away from an area and then digging ore out of the ground open-pit mining
farm animals such as cattle, pigs, and chickens livestock
something that happens in the climate when wind blows across a large lake and onto the land lake effect
a period of little or no rain drought
a flat area thickly covered with tall grass and wildflowers prairie
a rock that contains metal ore
the practice of restoring the land after strip mining reclamation
a very high building skyscraper
a dangerous and destructive whirling funnel of wind tornado
the use of huge power shovels to dig out ore from the earth open-pit mining
a metal used in making steel iron
the piece of farm equipment that cuts and threshes wheat combine
compact disc that you can read with a computer CD-ROM
process of manufacturing large numbers of goods by using identical parts mass production
The Lakota traveled across the Great Plains in search of ___. buffalo
When using a dictionary, you can quickly figure out which page a word appears on by looking at the top of the page and checking the ____. guide words
indoor shopping mall
A way to measure the relationship between two points on a map accurately by using a piece of paper with a straight edge scale strip
John Deere invented this which made it possible to farm the prairies. steel plow
the relationship between a distance shown on a map and the real distance on earth map scale
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