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Regular Vocab #6

Aloof withdrawn, standing apart from others
Anguish great mental suffering, distress, or pain
Finesse delicate skill; tact and cleverness
Forthright direct, straightforward
Genial cordial, pleasant, cheerful, or warm
Ostracize to exclude from a group, banish, send away
Premonition forewarning or foreboding of a future event
Purge to wash away impurities, clean up
Rehabilitate to restore to good condition or to the former position
Resolute bold, determined; firm
Aloof Around the halls of the school, you can always find some students who stay _____ from the other students.
Anguish The _________ of the mother was apparent as she cried by the grave of her child.
Finesse It takes a certain amount of ________ to bend the ball in soccer.
Forthright Because she was so __________ with her opinions, others trusted her to always speak her mind.
Genial The ______ boy had many friends.
Ostracize In anti-bullying lessons, students are taught not to __________ other students.
Premonition When Joe had a __________ of a crash, he refused to board the plane.
Purge At the end of the year, students ______ their lockers of all contents.
Rehabilitate The doctors worked to ___________ my friend after his injury.
Resolute The man was ________ about his idea and would not change his mind.
Created by: cmartin2
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