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# BAS Endocrine Syst

# BAS Endocrine System

HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone that determines a positive pregnancy test.
The endocrine system provides as balance of bodily functions. The balance is called: ______________ Homeostasis
A hormones are chemical that affects all body tissues. FALSE. Hormones affect only certain "target" tissues.
Diseases of the endocrine system are mainly due to: Hyper or Hypo activity states of glands or pituitary.
Hyper- is a prefix that means: more than
hypo- is a prefix that means less than
They hypothalamus is the part of the nervous system that controls the pituitary. TRUE.
melatonin affects: sleep
The pituitary is also called the: master gland and hypophysis
Makes hormones that affect: target glands which will then make their own hormones.
Thyroxin controls: metabolism
The thyroid can be tested by its ability to absorb ioindine with the: Radioactive iodine uptake
parathormone is made by the parathyroid and balances Calcium and phosphorous levels
If you need to find a code for thyroiditis you would use the______ ICD9
Insulin hormone will... lower the blood sugar
HYPERsecretion of thyroid hormone will make you Hyper and give you exophthalmia
Acromegaly excessive growth of a part of the body due to excess GH
GH growth hormone
ADH is a hormone that prevents too much water loss. (antidiuretic hormone)
A hyposecretion of ADH causes diabetes insipidus
The adrenal glands help use and store _________________ and produces _______________ for stress reactions. fats and carbohydrates adrenalin
Grave's disease is due to hypersecretion of: ______________ made by the thyroid. thyroxine (thyroid is overactive)
hypothyroidism causes low metabolism , depression , weight gain
A patient with Type I diabetes is abbreviated as: IDDM. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Type II diabetes is abbreviated NIDDM. Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Tests that can be used to determine diabetes is the: GTT (glucose tolerance) and FBS (fasting blood sugar)
The thymus gland helps produce T-cells
Gigantism occurs if ______ is produced in excess GH
Progesterone and estrogen both are produced by the ovary
testosterone is produced by the testes
Both ovaries and testes are influenced to make hormone by: FSH
FSH follicle stimulating hormone
MSH affects skin
TSH stimulats the: Thyroid
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
LH affects the: ovary
LH is the abbreviation for Leutinizing hormone
hyperglycemia is a condition of high blood sugar
-ectomy surgical removal
Calcium is a blood test that can help determine problems with the parathyroid
A sign of low blood calcium is: tetany
cortex is a term that refers to the outer lining of an organ
medulla is a aterm that refers to the inner layers of an organ
ren/o kidney
ad- toward or in the direction of
-emia blood condition
para near
ur/o urine
crin/o secrete
gluc/o, glyc/o glucose, sugar
calc/o calcium
estr/o female
pan- all
tri- three
tetra- four
iod/o iodine
-oma tumor
lact/o milk
IDDM Type 1 Diabetes; childhood; insulin dependent
NIDDM Type 2 Diabetes; adult; non-insulin dependent
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