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Rad Prot Unit 1

Bushong 8.1-3

The kinetic energy of the projectile electron in an x-ray tube is how efficient in the production of x-rays? 1% efficient in the production of x-rays
Useful characteristic x-rays are produced in tungsten: By the removal of K-shell electron
An L-shell electron (26keV) is removed from an atom with the M-shell of 4keV and N-shell of 1keV. If a free electron fill the vacancy in the L-shell, the characteristic x-ray produced will have the energy of: 26 keV
The energy of characteristic x-rays increases with increasing: Atomic number of target material
X-rays are produced when: Projectile electrons interact with target atoms
Characteristic x-rays: Are characteristic of target Z
When a tungsten-targeted x-ray tube is operated at 68kVp: K-shell characteristic x-rays cannot be produced AND some projectile electrons may have 68keV of energy
According to the table on page 111: tungsten has a greater number of electrons than molybdenum (more energy levels=more electrons)
When characteristic x-rays are produced, the energy is characteristic of: (2) The atomic number of the target AND the electron binding energy
Gold is the target material: K=81, L=14, M=3, N=1. What is the characteristic x-rays that would be produced at 90kVp? 67 keV (81-14=67)
The KINETIC energy of a projectile electron can be measured in? Joules
The efficiency of x-ray production is independent of? Tube current
In a tungsten-targeted x-ray tube operated at 90kVp, the MOST abundant x-ray would be a? 30 keV Brems x-ray
Which of the following electron transitions result in the MOST useful bremsstrahlung x-ray? 1. L to K ; 2. M to K ; 3. M to L; 4. O to K ; 5. None of the above 5. None of the above
Bremsstrahlung radiation is produced by: Conversion of projectile electron's kinetic energy to electromagnetic energy
When a Bremsstrahlung x-ray is produced the projectile electron loses? Energy
In Bremsstrahlung x-ray production, the projectile electron is from the ___________. Cathode
If an average radiographic technique is used most x-rays are? Bremsstrahlung
Bremsstrahlung x-rays are produced only at energies up to? Energies up to the projectile electron energy
If radiographic technique is 74kVp/80mAs: Bremsstrahlung x-ray energy increases if the voltage is increased to 84kVp
If radiographic technique in a tungsten target at 60kVp/80mAs is changed to 80kVp/80mAs: The number of x-rays produced increases
Brems x-rays produced in a tungsten targeted x-ray tube outnumber?: Outnumber characteristic x-rays
When a bremsstrahlung x-ray is emitted...it is the result of? Results from the conversion of kinetic energy
The wavelength of an x-ray becomes longer as? Becomes longer as the projectile electron kinetic energy is reduced
When a projectile electron energy is increased, more _________ are produced More Bremsstrahlung x-rays are produced
The efficiency of bremsstrahlung x-ray production increases with increasing _______ Target atomic number
The output intensity of an x-ray tube is (primarly due to ____________)? Primarily due to bremsstrahlung x-rays
Removal of what, in projectile-target interactions will result in emission of x-rays? Removal of inner-shell electrons
When a projectile electron enters a target atom and interacts with the nuclear force field (what happens to the velocity): It decreases in velocity
The area under the curve of the x-ray emissions spectrum represents: The total number of x-rays
Normally the x-ray emissions spectrums contains: Both characteristic and bremsstrahlung x-rays
The characteristic x-ray emission spectrum principally depends on what? Target material
what factor explains the low number of x-rays produced at low energy? Added filtration
The x-ray emission spectrum represents: X-rays emitted from the x-ray tube
A diagnostic x-ray beam contains: Mostly bremsstrahlung x-rays, and some characteristic x-rays
What factor principally accounts for the reduced x-ray intensity at low energy? Added filtration
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