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Level Cvocab unit 14

Sadlier Oxford Unit 14 vocab list Level C

Amplify (Verb) to make stronger, larger, greater, louder, or the like. Syn-increase, augment, fill out, supplement. Ant- lessen, diminish, abbreviate, shorten.
Armistice (Noun) a temporary peace, halt in fighting. Syn: cease-fire, truce. Ant: conflict
Arrogant (Adjective) haughty, too convinced of one’s own importance. Syn: high-handed, overbearing, presumptuous. Ant: meek, humble, modest, unassuming.
Bland (Adjective) gentle, soothing, mild; lacking interest or taste. Syn- dull, insipid. Ant- harsh, irritating, pungent, spicy, piquant.
Disclaim (Verb) to deny interest in our connection with; to give up all claim to. Syn- disavow, disown, repudiate, disown Ant: admit, avow, confess, acknowledge
Epoch (Noun) a distinct period of time, era, age. Syn: era.
Estrange (Verb) to drift apart or become unfriendly; to cause such a separation; to remove or keep at a distance. Syn: part company, alienate, isolate. Ant: bring together, reunite, reconcile
Gratify (Verb) to please, satisfy; to indulge or humor. Syn- delight. Ant- disappoint, dissatisfy, frustrate, thwart.
Infite (Adjective) exceedingly great, inexhaustible, without limit, endless; (Noun...preceded by the) an incalculable number, the concept of infinity; a name for God. Syn-(adjective) unlimited, boundless. Ant- (Adjective) limited, restricted, measurable.
Irascible (Adjective) easily made angry, hot-tempered. Syn: irritable, quarrelsome, cantankerous. Ant: even-tempered
Kindred (Noun) a person’s relatives; a family relationship; related by blood;(Adjective) like, similar. Syn- (Noun) kin, relations. Ant- (Adjective) unlike, dissimilar, contrasting.
Naïve (Adjective) innocent, unsophisticated, showing lack of worldly knowledge and experience. Syn- green, wet behind the ears. Ant- sophisticated, knowing, urbane, suave, blasé.
Niche (Noun) a decorative recess in a wall; a suitable place or position for a person of thing. Syn- nook, alcove.
Obliterate (Verb) to blot out completely, destroy utterly. Syn- wipe out, erase, expunge, efface. Ant- foster, promote, create.
Ramshackle (Adjective) appearing ready to collapse, loose and shaky. Syn- rickety, unsteady, run-down, dilapidated. Ant- Well built, well maintained, shipshape, trim.
Ransack (Verb) to search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder. Syn- rummage, scour, turned, upside down. Ant-spot-check, organize
Rote (Noun) unthinking routine or repetition, a fixed or mechanical way of doing something; (adjective) based on a mechanical routine. Syn: routine. Antonym: spur-of-the-moment
Solvent (Adj)able to meet one’s financial obligations;having the power to dissolve other substances;(N)liquid used to dissolve other substances;something that solves,explains,eliminates or softens.Syn-financially sound,in the black,fluid.Ant- bankrupt, flat broke
Tedious (Adjective) long and tiresome. Syn- boring, monotonous. Ant- stimulating, interesting, short and sweet.
Vendor a person who sells something. Syn- peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant. Ant. buyer, purchaser.
Created by: lbassin
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