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5.00 Responsibities

HFD Rules and Regs.: 5.00 Responsibilities

5.01 Who has authority and responsibility to promulgate admin rules and regs of dept.? Chief of department
5.02 Who reserves the right to modify orrecind any provisions of the rules and regs? Chie of the dept.
5.03 Who shall be held strictly responsible for conduct, action, morale and efficiency of all subordinates under their command and shall enforce the re rules and regs and guidelines of this dept.? ALL Officers.
5.04 Who responsibility to set a good ex. and require that their command measure up to the high standards of HFD requirements? ALL Officers.
5.05 It shall be the responsebiility of ea. member to know understand and comply with rules and regs. How will this responisbility be acknowledged and when? At Roll call or morning meetings. Then placed in appropriate binders for all members to sign and reference.
5.06 Obedience to Lawful Orders: Members shall promptly obey all lawful orders and directions given by superior officers whether or not such duties are specifically assigned to them. Unjust order must first obey the order to the best of their ability and Appeal/ insubordination and is prohibited.Any dispute or disrespect is deemed insubordination.Members shall not publicly critize or comment derogatorily about orders they received by superior officer.
5.07 Abide by Laws: Members shall abide by the laws of? USA, Texas, Ordinances of COH, Rules of Hou. Civil Service, HFD: order, guidelines, bulletins and rules of conduct.
5.08 Issuance of Proper Orders from a Designated Rep.: An order or directive received from D.R of a superior officer, when the name of the superior officer is given, must be… Carried out as if it had been issued from that officer.
5.09 Unlawful Orders Prohibited: No commanding, supervisory or acting officer shall knowingly or willfully issue an order which is… Violation of any law, ordinance, dept. rule, order, bulletin, or directive.
5.10 Conflict of Orders: Should any order conflict with any previous order issued by another sup officer,the member shall identify conflict. If sup officer who gave 2nd order does not change to eliminate conflict, then what doe members do? Second order shall stand, and the responsibility shall be that of the officer issuing order. Orders will be countermanded or conflicting orders issued only when reasonably necessary for the good of dept.
5.11 Appeals from Unlawful or Unjust Orders: Members may appeal for relief from orders if they feel unlawful or unjust. How do they appeal? Appeals must be made in writing to higher authority through proper channels. Irresponsible or capricious appeals will be considered a serious misconduct.
5.12 Through Official Channels: Any member wishing to address a superior officer shall request and receive permission. Chain of Command shall remain unbroken, What is the option if any member is denied permission? Member may utilize grievance process.
5.13 Members shall be able to perform all lawful duties as defined by their position. maintain certs, standards and job knowledge skills /abilities as required by their position, minimal accepted performance standards and immediate supervisor. What is? Performance of Duty
5.14 Performance of Higher Position: How shall members qualify for the next higher position? Through training and observations, qualify for the next higher position, so they may assume such duties and responsibilities.
5.15 Habitual or Gross Carelessness: members shall all exercise reasonable precautious measures of safety. Why? Gross habitual carelessness shall not be tolerated. Members should prevent injury and accidents to fellow members and property.
5.16 Relieve of Duty: The officer has authority to relieve with pay a member from duty immediately pending investigation and referral from Fire Chief of charges, When? Under circumstances of emergency Such as intoxication, willful refusal to obey orders, such behavior that dept. interest would suffer by remaining on duty.
5.17 Recovery from illness or injury: members recovering shall make every effort to come back. Must be in compliance with...and who they call if officer unavailable. Its members responseability to notify when they return. HFD I-22 Leaves and Absencesshall continue up chain of command until officer is notifiedunavailable contact OEC
5.18 Compliance with Investigations: Directed by Fire Chief to give statement or furnish materials relevant to dept. investigation by city attorney office. Members shall comply with directive. What can’t they do? Members Shall not interfere with investigation or intimidate witnesses, complainants or participants.
5.19 Testifying in Dept. Investigations: if a member refuse after being directed by superior officer to answer questions or render statements, material ect. that is relevant to dept. investigation? Member shall be guilty of neglect of duty and subject to discipline action.
5.20 Notice of Suit against members: any member who has damage suit filed against them by reason of an act performance in line of duty will notify Fire Chief how? In writing via email, certified letter, or personal delivery with a copy of the complaint together in full and accurate account of the circumstances in question.
5.21 Notice of Arrest: how do members notify and who? Failure to notify will result in discipline up to and including indefinite suspension. Immediately notify their supervisor of their location and charge. Through Chain of command, Fire Chief email, certified letter or personal delivery within 24 hours of their release of custody.
5.22 Notice of Pending Criminal Investigation: Employees who become aware they are under investigation for any criminal matter by any lawful auth. Besides OIG shall notify who? Fire Chief will be notified via email, certified letter or personal delivery within 24 hours.
Created by: MrsAbbt
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