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Chapter 14pape

History Chaper 14

what is a cartel? Loose associations of businesses making the same products.
what is horizontal consolidation? A method that involved bringing together many forms in the same business.
what is economy of scale? as there is more production of the good the price per good went down.
what is a trust? a single group manages many companies as a single unit.
what is a monopoly? okay okay it is a business bought out its competitors and all of its patens
what is collective barganing? when workers negotiate as a group with employers
what is socialism? it is an economic and political philosophy that advocates collective or govornment ownership of factories and property
what is an anarchist? they are political radicals who oppose all governmenton the grounds that it limits individual liberty and acts in the intrest of the wealthy, ruling classes.
what happened at haymarket square? There was a rally and in the events to break it up it had turned violent killing seven policemec dozen more deaths from both sides of the fight.
who is pinkertons? they are a private police force who are knopw for their ability to break up strikes. A rail
what is the Transcontinental Rail road? A railroad that streaches acroos the united states connecting the east and the west.
what is Social Darwinism? A theory that said that society should do as little as possible to interfere whit the process by which people suceed or fail.
what was the pullman strike? i happened in chicago and had to do with the railways the pullman strike and its outcome setan improtaint pattern. In the years ahead factory owners appealed frequentl,y for courrt orders against unions
what was the homestead strike about? when one of Carnegie's plants went on strike because Henry Frick, when Carnegie was in Europe, tried to cut the workerws wages.
what is vertical consolidation? It is a method by which they gained control of all phases of a product's development.
what is Ellis Island? It is the isaln that you used to have to stop to say that you are moving to the US back in the day.
who is Andrew Carnegie? He is the person who created a cheap way to create steel after going to Europe and asking the man who invented it if he could use it in the US.
who is John Roebling? He disigned the wire rope bridges.
who is Thomas Edison? He created thed lightbulb.
who is Alexander Graham Bell? He created the Telephone.
who is Samule F. Morse? He created the telograph and Morse code.
who is John D. Rockefeller? He founded standard oil.
Created by: MsRhiannonPape