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CTOWN Lecture 8

Social Psychology II

What is Conformity? Change in beliefs or behaviours in response to group pressure when group does not directly request change.
What are the three types of Conformity? Compliance, Obedience, Acceptance
What factors influence Conformity? Group size, group unanimity, ambiguity, sex
What is Normative Influence? going along with group norms because its not nice to be the odd one out
What is Informational Influence? going along with group because of ambiguousness
What is Compliance? Going along with stated request from someone who does not have authority to make you comply
What are the two techniques of gaining Compliance? Foot-in-the-door and Door-in-the-face.
What is Obedience? A situation in which an authority figure commands we change our behaviour
What factors influence Obedience? Proximity, dissent, legitimacy of authority figure
What are the reasons for Conforming? Avoid awkward embarrassment of saying ‘NO’, Role of subordinates is to OBEY authority figures, Do not think through consequences of their behaviour
What is the Bystander Effect? Individuals are less likely to help a person in need as the size of the group increases
Explanations for Bystander Effect. Ambiguity People check to see if others are helping – if no one helps the situation might not be serious Diffusion of responsibility If others are present, the responsibility is divided, and you are less accountable
What is Social Loafing? Productivity deficits when individuals work in groups compared to when they work alone
What are the two contributing factors to Social Loafing? Loss of coordination, reduced effort.
What is Group Polarisation? Group members take a more extreme position on an issue following group discussion, than without discussion
What is Group Think? Group harmony becomes more important than wise decision making, results in very poor decision making
What are the EIGHT symptoms of Group Think? 1. Illusion of invulnerability 2. Collective rationalisation 3. Belief in inherent morality of the group 4. Stereotypes of out-groups 5. Direct pressure on dissenters 6. Self-censorship 7. Illusion of unanimity 8. Self-appointed mind-guards
What are the SEVEN symptoms of Poor Decision Making? 1. Lack of examining alternatives 2. Lack of examining objectives 3. Failure to examine risks of group choice 4. Poor information search 5. Biases in information processing 6. Failure to reappraise alternatives 7. Failure to determine contingency pl
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