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SOP Test 3

Module 22-30

What is Prejudice generalized feeling towards a member of a social category
What is Stereotyping Process of categorizing an individual as a member of a particular group and then inferring that he or she possesses the characteristics generally held by members of that group
What is discrimination behaviors directed toward people on basis of their group membership
ABC's of Attitudes Affect-prejudice, Behavior- discimination, Cognition- stereotype
What is stereotype threat? How can it be provoked in the lab or media? How does it work? Self-confirming apprehension that one will be evaluated based on a negative stereotype
Social Identity Theory (ingroups,outgroups) In-group: people with whom we share a common identity Out-group: those perceived as different or apart from our in-group
Ingroup bias People who are more strongly identified with their groups discriminate more against members of other groups
Realistic conflict theory intergroup conflict, & negative prejudices & stereotypes, emerge out of actual competition between groups for desired resources
Scapegoat theory Process of blaming members of other groups for one’s frustrations & failures
Which personality factors might play into prejudice?
Authoritarian personality (RWA)
Outgroup homogeneity effect – what is it? what influences the extent to which we experience this, how does this influence recognition in lineup tasks
Just world phenomena
Instrumental aggression
Which parts of the brain are involved in aggression?
What is testosterone’s effect on aggression?
Frustration-aggression theory: original and revision (Berkowitz and his studies of aggression – there are several discussed in your book)
How do weapons impact aggression
How is aggression rewarded? How might this influence how we learn aggression
Social learning theory- Bandura’s Bobo Doll studies
Environmental influences (e.g., pain, heat, attacks, crowding)
How can we reduce aggression? Catharsis – does it work? What evidence supports your answer, Social learning approach
video games, pornography and television
Reward theory of attraction
Proximity effects – why do they occur?
Functional distance
Anticipation of interaction
Mere exposure: Evolutionary explanation, Effect on how we feel about ourselves? Political candidates?
Physical attractiveness-Hatfield et al. (1966)
The matching phenomenon
What does evolution say about attraction?
Contrast effect
Effects of similarity and complementarity
Need to belong (Baumesiter & Leary’s (1995) findings) What happens if we are ostracized (Williams research)
Prisoner’s dilemma – consequences of choices; best choices?
Tragedy of the commons – is it a universal phenomenon?
Similarities between prisoner’s dilemma and tragedy of the commons
Competition-Sherif’s Robber’s Cave study
Misperception and the self-serving bias
Mirror-image perceptions
Does contact improve racial attitudes? When?
Does desegregation improve racial attitudes? How?
Stereo type threat in media when woman were shown video of dumb women they did worse on there math
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