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What is development? Development is the process of growth and change.It is also about improving the quality of life of people as well as ensuring better futures for generations to come by the use of technology and resource's. Development is ongoing.
How do we decide whether a country is developed or less developed? We look at certain characteristics of the people who live there and at their way of life. Such as access to education, health services, jobs and shelter.
When were the terms 'First World'and 'Third World'used to describe certain areas? During the 1980s and 1990s.
Match the correct answer. - First World - Third World A - Developed countries. B - Less developed countries. First World - Developed Third World - Less Developed
What are three characteristics of a Developed country? 1) These countries are industrialised and wealthy. 2) Democratically elected governments run them. 3) They have capitalist economies.
What are three characteristics of a Third World country? 1) These countries are poorer and still undergoing industrialisation. 2) Governments are often unstable. 3) They are often economically dependant on other countries.
What dose industrialised mean? Nations which have many manufacturing industries.
What dose democratically mean? All citizens are treated equally and are allowed to vote.
What dose capitalist mean? When the economy is controlled by private owners who work for profit.
When and by who was the North-South divide proposed? In the 1980s by W. Brandt.
What is the North-South divide? The report divided the world into two halves. The rich North - Developed and the poor South - Less Developed or Developing. People in the north enjoy better access to education, health care and other services and are more industrialised.
What are some interesting things about the North? - Most of the worlds manufactured goods. - 75% worlds consumption - 90% worlds waste - Earn 65 times more than people living in the south.
What are some interesting things about the South - 0.5% of the population has no access to clean water. - 77% of worlds population. - Earn only 15% of worlds total earnings.
What dose sustainable mean? The use of natural resources at a controlled rate so as not to damage the environment and to ensure resource do not run out.
What is Sustainable Development? Development ensuring a balance between economic, social and environmental objects of society in order to maximize the well being.
What are indicators? Items or thing that give information. They allow us to compare one country with another and to measure change in one country over time.
Created by: Melissa Guthrie