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Parm 3rd Quiz

Chapter 34, 35, 36, 37

A highly ____________ microbe is one that can produce disease when present in minute numbers. Virulent
Though they are genetic ERRORS, these can result in making bacteria more resistant to drugs. Mutations
When anti invectives are effective against a wide variety of microorganisms, they are classified as: Broad Spectrum
This infection is one that occurs secondary to anti-infective drug therapy. Super Infection
An enzyme secreted by bacteria that limits the therapeutic usefulness of penicillins is: Penicillinase (or beta-lactamase)
These antibiotics are safe alternatives to penicillin because they can generally be administered over a shorter time. Macrolides
These antibiotics are narrow-spectrum, treat gram negative bacteria, but have ear and kidney toxicity. aminoglycosides
The pharmacologic category of amoxicillin (Amoxil, Trimox). penicillin
The pharmacologic category of ciprofloxacin (Cipro). flouroquinolone
The pharmacologic category of cefepime (Maxipime). cephalosporin
The pharmacologic category of gentamicin (Garamycin). aminoglycoside
The pharmacologic category of neomycin. aminoglycoside
The pharmacologic category of erythromycin (E-Mycin, Erythrocin). macrolide
The pharmacologic category of doxycycline (Vibramycin). tetracycline
The pharmacologic category of cephalexin (Keflex). cephalosporin
The pharmacologic category of rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane). antitubercular agent
What is a major reason for prescribing vancomycin? MRSA
What are a couple major adverse effects from vancomycin? red-man syndrome, ototxicity, nephrotoxicity
Why would amoxicillin be used instead of penicillin G? penicillinase resistance
Which class of antibiotics would be used for UTI's but has adverse effects on hearing and kidney function? (not sulfonamides) aminoglycoside
This class of antibacterials inhibits the bacteria's ability to metabolize folic acid. sulfonamide
This class of antibacterials could make your teeth grey and cause photosensitivity. tetracycline
This is the prototype drug most commonly used for combating tuberculosis. isoniazid (INH, Nydrazid are the brand names)
This anesthetic drug can interfere with the antibacterial activity of sulfonamides. benzocaine
This antibiotic prototype is a cell wall inhibitor. Its third and fourth generations are able to enter the CSF and treat CNS infections. Name its pharm class too please! Prototype = cefotaxime Pharm class = Cephalosporins
Oxacillin, ampicillin and carbenicillin are all drugs in this class of antibiotics. Penicillin
This class of antibacterial must be administered with a full glass of water and any antacids must be ingested with a difference of 1 to 3 hours from the antibiotic. They can cause esophageal burning. tetracyclines
This drug class inhibits protein synthesis and it is not tetracyclines nor amino glycosides. macrolides
A Z-pak is in this class of drugs, and these antibacterials can increase the effects of warfarin. They must be taken on an empty stomach and with a full glass of water. macrolides
Gentamicin is this class of antibiotics prototype drug. aminoglycosides
What is a good nursing intervention for nephrotoxicity? Drink more water.
This class of antibiotics are very powerful, but have serious side effects. They are mostly prescribed for serious systemic infections caused by aerobic, gram-negative assholes. Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity are serious concerns. aminoglycosides
Ciprofloxacin is the prototype of this class of antibacterials. fluoroquinolones
You must wait at least 4 hours before taking antacids with this class of drug. Name the prototype too if you are up to it! Class= fluoroquinolone Prototype = ciprofloxacin
What makes an antibiotic bacteriostatic instead of bacteriocidal? Bacteriostatic limit the growth of the bacteria while bacteriocidal kill the bacteria.
This class of antibacterial's prototype drug is trimethoprim. sulfonamides
What is the testing called when the doctor takes a sample of your bacteria and grows it in the lab in order to see what antibacterials work best upon it? Culture and sensitivity testing.
This antibiotic is contraindicated in children younger than 8. tetracycline
When taking this drug, the patient must report any unusual heel, lower leg or calf pain and should avoid milk and antacids when taking it. ciprofloxacin
A black box warning on this drug warns about tendon rupture! ciprofloxacin
This antifungal is an IV only and is used for only the most extreme cases because of its severe toxicity. Amphotericin B
These are the safest, most prescribed topical anti fungals (mouthwash and paint on formulas too for thrush). Their class is polyene. What is their prototype drug? nystatin (Mycostatin is the brand name)
The prototype drug for the treatment of malaria is - chloroquine
Worms, worms, worms, wiggly worms, worms and more worms that may be crawling in your body right now, you dirty people, could be treated with this prototype drug. mebendazole (Vermox is the brand name)
Protozoans hate this prototype drug. metronidazole (Flagyl is the brand name)
Fungal infections are referred to by this word. Mycoses
The most common drug prescribed for herpesvirus infections is called. acyclovir
NRTI stands for. Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
NNRTI stands for. Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
Another word for a virus's protein coat. Capsid
HAART stands for. Highly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy.
LTIA stands for. Let's Talk In Acronyms
In the current HIV therapy, this drug is the NNRTI. nevirapine (Viramune)
True or False: Acyclovir is an effective treatment for Epstein-Barr Virus. False
What is a major adverse effect the nurse must monitor for, in the patient, when giving zidovudine (Retrovir, AZT)? Reduced number if red and white blood cells.
Do not look this antineoplastic prototype in the eye, it will fuck you up! vincristine (Oncovin)
The pharmacologic class of drugs that cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) belongs to. alkylating agents
The pharmacologic class of drugs that fluorouracil (Adrucil) belongs to. antimetabolites
The pharmacologic class of drugs that vincristine sulfate (Oncovin) belongs to. plant extracts
The pharmacologic class of drugs that methotrexate (Rheumatrex, trexall) belongs to. antimetabolites
The pharmacologic class of drugs that bleomycin (Blenoxane) belongs to. antitumor antibiotics
The pharmacologic class of drugs that etoposide (VePesid) belongs to. plant extracts
The pharmacologic class of drugs that tamoxifen (Nolvadex) belongs to. hormones and hormone antagonists
The pharmacologic class of drugs that levamisole (Ergamisol) belongs to. biologic response modifiers
The pharmacologic class of drugs that streptozocin (Zanosar) belongs to. alkylating agents
How do antimetabolites work? They disrupt critical pathways in the cancer cells.
How do alkylating agents work? They change the shape of DNA and keep it from functioning normally.
Which one of these drugs would not be used for prostate cancer? A) leuprolide B) vinorelbine tartate C) megastrol D) Bicalutamide B) vinorelbine tartate
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