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Health Drug Quiz

What is a drug? A substance other than food that changes the structure or function of the body or mind.
Name the correct vocabulary word. These are medicines that can be sold only with a written order by a physician. Prescription Medicines
Name the correct vocabulary word. These are medicines that are safe enough to be taken without a written order from a physician. Over-The-Counter Medicines (OTC)
What is drug misuse? Taking or using medicine in a way that is not intended.
What is drug abuse? intentionally using drugs in a way that is unhealthy or illegal.
True or False. Teens who use drugs withdraw from family and friends. True
True or False. Drug addiction, like alcoholism, is a disease. True
What is marijuana? Dried leaves and flowers of hemp plant called cannabis sativa.
What is the main active chemical in marijuana? THC
Marijuana reduces reaction, coordination, and impairs judgement is a short or long term effect? Short
Marijuana has been associated with depression, anxiety, and personality disturbances is a short or long term effect? Long
True or False. The loss of motivation that comes with continued marijuana use can lead to problems with friends and families. True
True or False. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S. True
True or False There are over 4000 chemicals in the marijuana plant. False. It is 400 chemicals
What is amnesia? Partial or total memory loss.
What 3 effects do club drugs have on the body? Hallucinations, Paranoia, and Amnesia.
What is Ecstasy? A club drug that speeds up the central nervous system and makes the person more alert and hyper.
True or False. Ecstasy also known as MDMA, speeds up the central nervous system making the person feel very alert and hyper. True
Name the 7 effects that studies have shown which ecstasy can have on the brain. Increased heart rate Nausea and Dizziness Elevated Blood Pressure Chills Sweating Increase sense of confidence Loss of appetite
What is the drug commonly called roofies that appeared as a club drug in the US in the 1990s. Rohypnol
True or False. Anabolic steroids are human-made substances related to male sex hormones. True
True or False. Abuse of anabolic steroids can lead to serious health problem some of which are irreversible. True
True or False. In males the use of anabolic steroids has side effects of growth of facial hair, menstrual changes, and deepened voice. False. It is in Females
What is anabolic steroid? A synthetic substance related to male sex hormones.
What is a drug made to closely resemble a common illegal drug in chemical structures and effect? Club (designer)
What is a group of highly addictive drugs derived from the poppy plant that are used as pain relievers, anesthetics, and sedatives? Opiates.
What is the dried flowers and leaves of the plant cannabis sativa that are smoked or mixed in food and eaten for intoxication effects? Marijuana
What is a medicine made by a company other than the company that is developed the original medicine? Generic
What is a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone that is used to promote muscle development? Anabolic steroid
A medicine that can be bought without a prescription is called what? Over the counter
A drug or medicine that affects the brain and changes how a person perceives, thinks, or feels is what psychological
The chemical component that gives a medicine its action is the ___________ ingredient Active
Drug________ is when a drug reacts with another drug, food, or dietary supplement such that the effect of one of the substances is greater or smaller Interaction
Drug __________ is a condition in which a user needs more of a drug to feel the same effect felt when first using the drug Tolerance
___________ Dependence is a state in which the body relies on a given drug in order to function. Physical
___________ Dependence is a state of emotionally or mentally needing a drug in order to function Psychoactive
Drug __________ is the intentional improper or unsafe use of a drug abuse
A condition in which a person can no longer control his or her drug use addiction
A return to using drugs while trying to recover from a drug addiction Relapse
Any effect that is caused by a drug and is different from the drug's intended effect Side effect
A drug that causes relaxation and sleepiness depressant
Uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms produced when a physically dependent drug user stops using drugs withdrawal
A drug that distorts perceptions causing the user to see or hear things that are not real Hallucinogen
Created by: tigertrang
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