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Italian for T -- 5

flash cards for Italian for Travelers class

il bagno bath, bathroom
il camera bedroom
la cena supper
la chiave key
la colazione breakfast
il francobollo postage stamp
il letto bed
il minuto minute
il passaporto passport
il piano floor, story (of a building)
la porta door
il portiere hotel recetionist, janitor, doorman
il portone main door (of a building)
il pranzo lunch, midday meal (main meal in Italy)
gli Stati Uniti the United States
il tabaccaio tobacconist
alcuni, e some, any, a few
benvenuto, a welcome
subito immediately, right away
camera a due letti double room
non c'รจ di che don't mention it
quanto viene al giorno? how much does it cost per day?
qui vicino close by, earby
chi who, whom
eccellente excellent
gentile kind, gentle
liber, a vacant, free
quale which, what
aprire to open
aiutare to help
entrare (in) to enter
dovere to have to, must
potere to be able to, can
sentire to hear, feel
spendere to spend
visitare to visit
volere to want, wish
appena as soon as
davanti a in front of
dopo after, afterward
forse perheaps, maybe
proprio exactly, really
al terzo piano on the second floor
dovere mio! it's my pleasure!
per la prima volta for the first time
vicino (a) close to, near
un po' di some, a bit of
Created by: cobhc