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Japan & the Koreas

The World & Its People: Chapter 24

Tsunamis Waves formed by earthquakes that cause much destruction
Megalopolis Huge urban area made up of several large cities
Shinto Major Japanese religion
Hokkaido Nothermost island and coldest region in Japan
Tokyo Japan's capital
Shoguns Military leaders who ruled Japan from 1100-1860
Sea of Japan (East Sea) Between Japan and Korea
38th Parallel Border between North and South Korea - result of Korean War
Sumo Japanese form of wrestling
Mount Fiji Highest Japanese mountain
Japan's Climate Different in northern and southern Japan because of ocean currents and winds
Japan's Farmland Scarce because of mountains
Japan lies on the Ring of Fire Resulting in many earthquakes
China Japanese way of life model
North Korea shares a border with Russia
Limited Land Japan has few raw materials
Japan began taking over land in China in the 1930s
Korean War Began in 1950 when North Korea attacked South Korea
North Korean Government Owns all factories and farms in North Korea
Constitutional Monarchy Form of Japanese government
Why is Japan a manufacturing leader and what are some of its products? Highly skilled workers. Culture values hard work, cooperation, and education. Use new technology to make products.
Do you think the Koreas will always be divided? North Korea is communist. South Korea is democratic. South Korea has more freedom and prosperity. Both share common history and traditions which may reunite them.
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