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Week 1

9/14 - Normal Rad

What is a special form of Ultrasound measures the speed and direction of flowing blood and is illustrated in color pictures? Is it harmful for the patient? DOPPLER, no it's not harmful
What technique is efficient in showing a rotator cuff tear? Shoulder Sono
***Whatshow's up as a "hot spot" on a bone scan? osteoblastic activity
When are bone scans used? Bone scans are ONLY used in early settings to find affected area, they are super sensitive to see bone pathologies.
T/F Bone scans are specific? False - bone scans are NON-specific, you can't rule out other pathologies, you can only tell that a problem is there.
What is a SPECT scan? It is a combination of bone scan and CT. It stands for "single photon emission computerized tomography". It uses better gamma camera that produces better slices and is used for many organs.
What is a PET scan? PET="positron emission tomography" It is used to see if Chemo is working, it can diagnose Parkison's disease up to 10 yrs prior to diagnosis. The positron tagteam with glucose and oxygen to show elevation of glucose or oxygen being used by the tissue
***What percentage of bone destruction is needed to show up in a bone scan? A bone scan will show something is wrong _____ weeks earlier than xrays? only 3% of bone destruction is needed to show up (this isn't much), bone scans show something is wrong 2-3 weeks earlier than xrays
What is the best form of diagnosis? MRI
What percentage of bone destruction is needed to show up on a MRI? Does a MRI have ionizing radiation? A MRI only needs 3% bone destruction to show up (same as a bone scan). And of course a MRI is non-ionizing, its the best remember and Dr. Poirier is in love with them!
The camp coventry method should always be done with the bucky false
FFD, TFD, SID, all refer to the same thing? False
The articular surface of each femoral condyle is cushioned by a c-shaped cartilage called the? Meniscus
On a proximal femur the SID is most frequently set at? 40
This lies between the condyles of the femur, posterior? intercodylar fossa
on a lateral knee, the knee should be flexed at? 20 - 30 degrees.
Contrast is usually controlled by KVP
On a basic AP exam of the knee the CR should be? Angled 5 degree cephalad and centered to inferior margin of the patella
The heel bone is AKA? calcanus
Digits 2 through 5 on the foot have ____________ long bones each 3
Created by: pcc Normal Rad
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