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A bucket load of questions

Core Economic power, population, and wealth are concentrated here.
Core/Periphery model A theoretical concept based on a dual spatial structure of the capitalist world and a mutualy benificial relationship between it's two parts.
Heartland A geographic area in which a nations industry, population, and political power are concentrated.
Hinterland A geogrpahic area bsaed on resource development that supplies the heartland with many of it's primary products.
Region An area of the earths surface that is defined by it's distinctive human or natural characteristics.
Sense of place The special and often intense feelings that people have for the region in which they live.
Geographic Personality The characteristics of a particular country/region that distinguishes it from another.
Mental Map A mental image of what a portion of the earths surface is like.
Why are mental maps inaccurate? Lack of knowledge. Lack of interest. No exposure to maps. Cannot draw maps very well.
Mental Maps are important becuase? may account for misunderstandings between regions of Canada. Decisions are based upon inaccuracies.
Is Canada the second largest nation by area in the world? Yes
Most candians live within 200 miles of the border? True
Pockets of urbanization Metro Centers
Belts of urbanization St. Lawrence Vallry. Southern Ontario, Lower Mainland. B.C. River Valleys.
Viewed as a continental giant but really.... islands of settlement in a sea of rocks and forests.
Problems presented by population distribution. Isolation from many opportunities. great distance between settlements. high cost of transportation of goods.
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