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Advanced Pharm

Adv Pharm YBI Chap 24 Terms

aa with a line over it of each
agit shake
dil dilute
gtt drop
inj injection
liq liquid
non rep do not repeat
oz ounce
What are agents used for treatment of intestinal worms? anthelmintics
What is an agent or substance that prevents or treats diarrhea? antidiarrheal
What is an agent that prevents or relieves nausea or vomiting? antiemetic
What is an agent that decreases excessive gas in the stomach or intestines? antiflatulent
What are agents that prevent or decrease intestinal spasms? antispasmodics
What is an agent that causes shrinking or constricting action, usually applied topically or locally? astringent
What are cavities in the teeth? caries
What are active agents that cause a bowel movement? cathartics
What is formation or presence of calculi or bile stones in the gallbladder? cholelithiasis
What is the passage of feces from the body? defecation
What is excessive perspiration? diaphoresis
What is the formation of gas bubbles on the surface of a liquid? effervescence
What is the act of vomiting? emesis
What is the act or process of spitting out saliva or coughing materials from the air passages? expectorate
What is a condition in which acidic contents of the stomach flow backward into the esophagus? GERD
What is inflammation of the gums? gingivitis
What is bad breath? halitosis
What is a substance that acts to promote and facilitate the evacuation of bowel contents? laxative
What is breaking down of food in the mouth or chewing or tearing? masticate
What is alleviating a symptom without curing the condition causing the symptom? palliative
What is the progressive wavelike involuntary movement that occurs in a hollow tubular body organ? peristalsis
What is inflammation of the mouth? stomatitis
What is an open sore including sores of mucous membranes, as in the stomach or duodenum? ulcer
What is the ability or inability of a fluid to flow easily? viscosity
What is the term that pertains to the anus and the rectum? anorectal
What agent inhibits secretions of a gland or organ? antisecretory
What is an agent that reduces, prevents, or inhibits the rowth of microbial flora of the skin and mucous membranes without necessarily killing them? antiseptic
What agent opposes the action of a virus? antiviral
What agent helps prevent formation of gas in the GI tract? carminative
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