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Radt 456 Rad Protect

ARRT registry review covering radiation protection

Define wavelength Distance between two consecutive wave crests
What action is responsible for the release of an x-ray photon in Bremsstrahlung radiation? The slowing down or "braking" of the electron
How much of an x-ray beam is composed of Brems radiation? 70%-90%
What is the term for when an outer shell electron moves into an inner shell? Characteristic radiation
What is the result when a high energy xray interacts with tissue and eject an outer shell electron? Compton Scatter
What type of interaction is responsible for patient dose? Photoelectric
In traditional units, how much dose is received from an average chest x-ray? 10mrem
What type of effect are usually a result of high dosage in a short period? Early
Is embryologic effect early or late? Late
According to the Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau, what three types of tissues are most radiosensitive? Stem, Young, Highly Mitotic
What theory explains why radiation can cause death in some cells? Target theory
What is the most radiosensitive cell? Lymphocyte
During which trimester is the fetus most susceptible to radiation? First
What term is defined as the average annual gonadal dose to population of childbearing age? Genetically significant dose
What is the genetically significant dose estimated to be? 20mrem
What type of effects can be caused by a very large single exposure of radiation to the body? Early somatic
Name three types of beam restrictors Aperture diaphragm, cone/cylinder, collimator
What filtration thickness is required when equipment is operated above 70 kV? 2.5mm Al equivalent
What are the two types of AEC's? Ionization Chambers and Phototimers
What unit is used to measure ionization in the air? Roentgen
What unit describes absorbed dose? rad
Where is the ionization chamber type of AEC located? Between the patient and the IR
Where is the phototimer type of AEC located? Beneath the IR
For dose reduction, what positioning consideration should be made for skull imaging? Perform the exam PA
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