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Patient Care

Radiology Review of Patient Care

An iatrogenic infection is one caused by? Physician Intervention
Honor Code Violations that can prevent a radiography student from meeting ARRT certification requirements include: Being suspended from a radiography program and being dismissed from/expelled from a radiography program.
A vasomotor effect experienced after an injection of a contrast agent is characterizd by: Nausea, syncope, and anxiety
Lidocaine is used to treat what cardiac irregularity? Dysrhythmia
In sterile procedures, persons should pass each other face to face? No
Respondeat superior? Let the master answer.
Early symptoms of anaphylactic shock include: Dysphasia, itching of palms and soles, constriction of the throat.
What is the number of commpressions per minute for infants? At least 100 compressions per minute
Orthopenea can be lessened by putting the patient in what position? Recumbent
Hirschsprung disease is: Congenital Megacolon
Systolic pressure is: The phase of contraction in the cardiac cycle
When assisting a patient from a wheelchair to an X-ray table which side should be closest to the X-ray table? The stronger side.
What is a cathartic used for? To stimulate bowel movement; defecation.
What is glucagon used for? To decrease peristalsis.
If a patient is unconscious and there are no relatives to sign informed consent what can be done in order to proceed legally? Two physicians must sign consent form before the procedure may proceed.
When extravasation occurs what should you do and in what order? 1. Remove needle 2. Apply pressure until bleeding is stopped 3. Apply a warm compress and massage area to dissipate.
Do MRSA patients require a negative pressure room? No
What does MRSA stand for? Methacylin resistant staphylococcus aureus.
What does VRSA stand for? Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
What units of measure are used in taking a blood pressure? mm/Hg. Millimeters per mercury
Do you recap a used needle before disposal in a hazardous waste container? No
What is the most effective way to sterilize instruments? Moist heat
What is the normal value for BUN in blood chemistry? 8-25mg/100ml
What is the normal Creatine in blood chemistry? 0.6 to 1.5 mg/100ml
What is a fomite? An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism.
Veracity describes what in Ethics? Sincerity and Truthfulness.
Rubella, mumps, and influenza would require what kind of precautions? Droplet precautions.
What kind of isolation is used with burn victims? Reverse isolation.
What is the normal rate of respiration per minute for adults? 12-20 breaths per minute
Antisepsis is? The practice used to retard the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
Created by: Jenwa66
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