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Radiology 18

Bony Thorax, Chest, and ABDOMEN

How many pairs of ribs are there?On 12
The MANUBRIUM is the uppermost portion that can be easily felt at the base of the neck Label on diagram - MANUBRIUM
The upper margin of the MANUBRIUM is called the JUGLUAL NOTCH Label on diagram - JUGLAR NOTCH
The XIPHOID PROCESS is the inferior tip that corresponds to the level of T10 Label on diagram- XIPHOID PROCESS
The STERNUM is classified as what type of bone? FLAT BONE
There are 24 ribs that protect the vital organs of the chest and upper abdomen There are 12 pairs
RIBS - 1-7 are called what? TRUE RIBS
RIBS 8-10 are called what? FALSE RIBS
RIBS 11 & 12 are called what? FLOATING RIBS
T/F - Ribs #10 and #11 are floating ribs? FALSE - 11 AND 12 ARE
The RIBS are classified as what kind of bones? FLAT BONES
What is the SUPERIOR portion of the lung called? APEX - NEED TO LABEL
What is the INFERIOR portion called? BASE - NEED TO LABEL
The BASE of the lungs sits upon the what? DIAPHRAGM - NEED TO LABEL
What are the lateral corners of the lungs called? COSTOPHRENIC ANGLES - NEED TO LABEL
EC: What are the 5 major vessels in the mediastinum called? 1)Superior & Inverior Vena Cava 2) Pulmonary Arteries 3) Plumonary Veins & Aorta
What does the MEDIASTINUM between the chest cavity contain? 1) Heart 2) Great Vessel 3) Trachea 4) Esophagus
What does COSTA mean? RIBS
What does VERTEBRAE mean? Bone
Name the 8 organs in the abdominal cavity. Stomach-small intestine-large intestine-liver-gallbladder-pancreas-spleen and kidneys
Name the major organs in the pelvic cavity. Bladder, Prostate Gland, Rectum, Uterus, Ovary,
What body habitus type represents the "VERY SLEDNER" body type? ASTHENIC
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