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New England Colonies

WGU Foundations of Teaching

TermDefinition, etc.
New England Colonies - demographics Culturally/Religiously homogenous - Puritan
New England Colonies - livelihood Industry/Commerce = most lived in towns
New England Colonies - educational needs teach religion & 3 R's, have a literate citizenship that could read the bible
Massachusetts Act of 1647 (Old Deluder Satan Act) Towns w/ 50+ households to hire a teacher of reading/writing to create scripture-literate citizens = foundation for the support of public ed.
Dame Schools instruction for children provided by a female neighbor in her home.
Latin Grammar Schools 1635 (Boston). Post-primary schooling for wealthy, white males preparing for the ministry (law option added later).
Massachusetts Act of 1742 Parents/Apprentice masters required to ensure children knew the principles of religion/capital law and had basic literacy skills = religious/public welfare laid groundwork for education.
Created by: gdglgrl