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More W.geo EO Ardwin

terms, ideas and concepts EOC TEKS

checks and balances dividing government power between three branches. Judicial-Legislative-Executive
global warming increase in the Earth's temperature caused by the build up of gases from burning fossil fuels
hurricane large storm system grows over water. Can cause extreme damage when it hits land.
Sahel band of dry land between the Sahara Desert and the moist areas of Africa. Grows short grasses, receives 4-8 inches of rain.
self-sufficient able to meet all of one's own needs.
ocean currents cold and warm rivers of seawater that flow on the surface of the oceans, fairly predictable.
population density/map the data/map that shows how crowded a region or area is.
profit the amount of money left over after all the expenses are paid.
Map projection for a globe WINKEL TRIPEL general reference used by many- shows a good balance between the size and placement- even the polar areas are show with just a little distortion
basin area of land drained by a given river. example the Amazon River basin is the location of the largest tropical rain forest.
canyon a deep narrow valley with steep walls- GRAND CANYON
relief to show changes in elevation or a given area of land. REMEMBER YOUR NORTH AMERICAN AND LATIN AMERICA MAPS YOU MADE. (THE MOST HATED PROJECT)
five themes of geography 1. Locate=(spatial) spec. place on earth 2. Place=all places phys. & hum. meaning. 3. Human-envir. inter.=study the relation 'tween people and the phys envir. , how people change or adapt it. 4.Movem,of people goods and ideas 5. Region=factors unite areas
What kind of jobs would a geographer do? direct observation(people,physical features, animals, weather/climate, & environment) make maps, interview people, use statistics, use technology, analyze history, government, economies, culture and movement of people.
hydrosphere all bodies of water on earth, river, lakes, streams, ponds, oceans, seas. MAKES UP 70% OF EARTH!!!!!
lithosphere all bodies of land, crust0
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement-US, Canada & Mexico
Mores the essential or characteristics of customs and conventions of a community.
export when a country sells items it produces to another country.
tariff a tax on imported good.
import goods that a country buys from another.
cottage industry small scale industry- requires little if no capital (or no start up costs) sometimes a home business
Industrialization becoming or the process of creating commercial industry including but not limited to heavy industry such as machinery or steel.
commercial industries large-scale production of goods by large companies or corporations
economic/economy relating to money, taxes or production of goods in that country or region
distribution relates to the trade and how resources and products are divided and allocated (given out)
type of government the US has The United States is a Federal Republic-our economy is capitalist-the power is divided between the States and the Federal Government. (Federalism).
rural refers to living outside (far) of a city area
suburb area just outside of a city area
Literacy rate % of people in that country that can read and write their own language
Per capita income average income of a person or family
Infant mortality average number of children that die in that country per 1000
Date Soviet Union (USSR) fell apart 12-25-91
Date the Berlin Wall fell 11-9-89
Holocaust more that six million people of Jewish heritage were killed. Remember it was not just Jews but they made up the biggest part.
European Union After WWII- the countries wanted to help each other rebuild-Began with BeNeLux cooperation. Then grew in 1992 with a treaty. Then grew more in 1999. Today 27 countries, but 6 countries want to join. They share currency, trade laws and economic laws.
acid rain pollution combined with moisture in the clouds. Pollution (acid) when it reaches a raining point to much of it can kill trees & eat paint off cars. Of course it is not safe to be outside during this time.
Urals dividing point of Europe and Asia. They divide Russia in half.
Volga River major river on the European side of Russia.
Deepest depression in the world Marianna Trench. It is 35,827 feed deep.
Created by: dixielillyardwin



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