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health unit 1

what are the seven benefits of being physically active? exercise without being out of breathe, tired, or sore. lowers risk of chronic disease. better appearance. muscle and fat mass is maintained. lungs and heart are stronger. stronger and healthier blood vessels. more calories burned and higher metabolic rate
what are some mental and social benefits of being physically active? makes you feel better. lowers stress. helps sleep better. higher self esteem. get to work together, teamwork, bond and communication skills.
list the five components of Health-Related Fitness? muscle strenght, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body composition.
what does RHR stand for? Resting Heart Rate
what is RHR? # heart beats a min. @ rest
Why is fiber important? keeps intestines healthy, prevents constipation, helps prevent colon cancer and heart disease
what is the disorder when your bones become brittle and break easily osteoporosis
what are minerals needed for minerals are needed for good health, enzyme activiy, bone formation, regulating blood ssugar, and protein matobolism
what foods have vitamind D? liver, egg yolk, salmon, butter
what is cholesterol? It is another form of lipod found in human and animal tissue.
Why is protien important in your diet? It helps build new cells and repair existing ones; it is needed to form hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and other important molecules.
CARB FOODS: fruit, milk, cookies, potatoes
WHY DO YOU NEED VITAMIN D? It promotes absorbing of calcium and phosphorus in the intestines. It is needed for strong teeth and bones.
WHY IS IT ESSENTIAL TO HAVE WATER? Water is necessary to almost every function that keeps you alive; you can become dehydrated; loss of water interferes with physical and mental performance. Dehydration can cause headches, fatigue, and loss of appetite.
WHY SHOULD YOU EAT BREAKFAST? food gives you energy. if you haven't eaten in 12 hours, you will be hungry and you'll feel full and energized when you do eat breakfast.
how many calories does a teen girl need? 2,300
what are calories the amount of energy in a food
what is lactose intolerance? a reduced ability to digest the sugar lactose in milk
charateristics of anorexia nurvosa: self starvation, distorted body image, low body weight
characteristics of bulimia nurvosa eats large amounts, vomits, uses laxatives to rid body of food
common causes of food allergies: peanuts, eggs, wheat, strawberries, milk, sea foods, soy foods
it causes a burning feeling in your heart after a large meal? heart burn
what are saturated fats? fats made of saturated fatty acids.
what are unsaturated fats? fats made of unsaturated fatty acids.
what are polyunsaturated fats? fats with fatty acids with more than one double bond.
what are the dietary guidlines for americans? set of recommendations to improve the diets of americans.
list the dietary guidelines for americans? eat foods with more nutrients and less calories. teens exercise 60 min a day. less intake of saturated & trans fat, cholesterol, and sugars. limit salt intake, and drink less alcohol
what is the body mass index? an index of weight in relation to height that is used to assess a healthy body weight.
Created by: flowe