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Drug List 5

100-125 of top 200 drugs

Generic name for Singulair Montelukast
Classification of Montelukast Leukotriene Inhibitor
IFU for Singular Prevent asthma attack
Generic name for ProAir Proventil
Classification of ProAir B2 Receptor Agonist (Bronchodilator)
IFU for Albuterol Asthma, COPD
Brand name for Fluticasone Flonase
Classification of Fluticasone Inhaled Steroid
IFU for Flonase Seasonal symptoms of allertic/ non allergic rhinitis
Brand name for Fluticasone/Salmeterol Advair
Classification for Advair B2 Receptor Agonist (Bronchodilator) + Steroid
IFU for Fluticasone/Salmeterol Asthma, COPD associated with chronic bronchitis
Generic name for Proventil Albuterol
Classification of Proventil B2 Receptor Atonist (bronchodilator)
IFU for Proventil Asthma, COPD
Generic name for Nasonex Mometasone
Classification of Mometasone Inhaled Steroid
IFU for Nasonex Seasonal symptoms of allertgic/ non allergic rhinitis
Generic name for Nasocort Triamcinolone
Classification for Triamcinolone Inhaled Steroid
IFU for Nasacort Seasonal symptoms of allergic/ non allergic rhinitis
Generic name for Ventolin Albuterol
Classification for Ventolin B2 Receptor Agonist (bronchodilator)
IFU for Ventolin Asthma, COPD
Brand name for Tiotropium Spiriva
Classification for Tiotropium Anti-Cholinergic
IFU for Spiriva Chrontic tx of COPD, Bronchitis, Emphysema
Generic name for Robitussin Guaifensin
Classification of Guifensin Expectorant
IFU for Robitussin Chronic bronchitis
Brand name for Benzonatate Tessalon Perles
Classification of Tessalon Perles Antitussive
IFU for Benzonatate Symptomatic relief of cough
Generic name for Combivent Albuterol + Ipratropium Inhaler
Classification of Combivent Anticholinergic bronchodilator + B2 Receptor Agonist
IFU for Albuterol + Ipratropium Inhaler COPD
Generic name for Trental Pentoxifylline
Classfication for Trental hemorrheologic Agent
IFU for Pentoxifylline Chronic occlusive arterial disease
Generic name for Coumadin Warfarin
Classification of Warfarin Anticoagulant
IFU for Coumadin Prophylaxis tx of Pulmonary embolism, atrial fibrilation, MI, CVA (stroke)
Brand name for Clopidogrel Plavix
Classification of Plavix Platelet Aggregaqtion Inhibitor
IFU for Clopidogrel ACS, recent stroke, established PAD (peripheral artery disease)
Generic name for Valtrex Valacyclovir
Classification of Valtrex Antiviral
IFU of Valacyclovir Herpes Labialis/ Gentalis, H. Zoster
Generic of Tamiflu Oseltamivir
Classification of Oseltamivir Antiviral (flu)
IFU for Tamiflu Influenza
Generic name for Zovirax Acyclovir
Classification for Zovirax Antiviral
IFU for Acyclovir Herpes Genitalis, H. Zoster, Chicken Pox
Generic name for Microzide Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ)
Classification of Microzide Thiazide Diuretic
IFU for HCTZ HTN, Glaucoma, Edema
Generic for Lasix Furosemide
Classification of Furosemide Loop Diuretic
IFU for Lasix HTN, Glaucoma, Edema
Generic for Dyrenium Triamterene
Classification of Tramterene Potassium sparing diuretic
IFU for Dyrenium HTN, Glaucoma, Edema
Brand name for Aldactone Spirinolactone
Classification of Aldactone Potassium sparing diuretic
IFU for Spirinolactone HTN, Glaucoma, Edema
Brand name for Oxybutynin Ditropan
Classification for Ditropan Anticholinergic/Antispasmodic
IFU for Ditropan Urge Incontinence, dysuria
Generic name for Detrol Tolterodine
Classification for Detrol Anticholinergic/Antispasmodic
IFU for Tolterodine Overactive bladder, urinary incontinence
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