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GeographyEOC1 review

EOC review

Which geographic factor directly influenced the early interactions between China and Korea? location
Which problem in the savanna regions of Africa is caused by population pressures and overuse of the land? desertification
I. _________________________________ A. Located in a region of volcanoes and earthquakes B. Has limited mineral resources C. Concentration of population in coastal plains Geographic Features of Japan
One way in which the Aswan Dam in Egypt and the Three Gorges Dam in China are similar is that both harness natural forces to produce energy
How has flooding of the Huang He River benefited China? fertile soil
Seismic monitoring provides a way of minimizing the impact of which of the following natural hazards? Earthquakes
A boat sailing on the Tigris or Euphrates River is in what region Middle East or Asia
The Brazilian government is struggling against miners, ranchers, and farmers to preserve what type of ecosystem? Rain forests
Farmers in Southeast Asia have adapted mountainous areas for agricultural use by — constructing terraces
A primary reason that geographers study maps is to _ Infer relationships between people and places
The term El Nino is best defined as a warming of the surface of the Pacific Ocean
Economy, education, religion and government are examples of _____. culture traits
Buddhism is introduced into Japan around A.D. 1200. Islam extends from the Middle East into Spain by A.D. 732. Catholic missionaries bring Christianity to Africa in the 1800s. What generalizations do these examples illustrate? A culture can be changed through spatial diffusion.
The establishment of a parliamentary democracy in India and the establishment of Portuguese as the official language of Brazil indicates that European colonizers influenced the culture of regions under their control
In the traditional Hindu caste system and in the social hierarchy of colonial Latin America, the status of a person was usually determined by birth
The picture above was taken of girls named Nakusa or Nakusi – “unwanted in Hindi.” The girls were officially renamed in a ceremony in India to give the girls dignity and fight widespread discrimination. Their birth names are an indication of social status.
Which of the following push factors caused millions of people to flee their homes in Bosnia during the early 1990s? Religious persecution
What was the main reason for the extensive Irish emigration to North America in the 1840s? mass starvation
The movement of large numbers of people to cities is known as urbanization
The Dallas-Arlington-Ft. Worth (DFW) area, made up of twelve counties, is the largest land locked metropolitan area in the world. North Texas, in which the “DFW metroplex” is located, is an example of a functional region.
Where is the suburb of a city most likely to be located? on the urban fringe
Which factor best explains the appearance of capsule hotels in Japan. the scarcity of land for building
the peninsula in which Hinduism is the predominate religion Indian
Since the end of the Cold War in 1991 and break up of the Soviet Union, the primary cause of conflicts in the former Soviet controlled countries of Chechnya, Azerbaijan, and Bosnia has been religious and ethnic tensions
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