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Aseptic Technique The procedures used to eliminate the possibility of a drug becoming contaminated with microbes or particles.
Code Blue A coded message to indicate an emergency in a hospital situation.
Floor stock Supplies kept on hand in different units of a hospital.
Inpatient A hospitalized patient.
Inpatient or In-house pharmacy Hospital pharmacy
NKDA No known drug allergy.
On-call A medication to be administrated when directed, usually for pre-anesthesia.
PAR Periodic automatic replacement
Post-op After surgery
Pre-op Before surgery
PRN Latin term(pro ra nata) meaning "as needed"
Protocol A set of standards and guidelines within which a facility works.
Stat Order A medication order that must be filled as soon as possible, usually within 5 to 15 minutes.
CCU Coronary care unit
CLINICS Patients may visit a clinic to be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner.
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