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terms, ideas and concepts EOC TEKS

Straits of Hormuz Narrow body of water linking the Persian Gulf wth the Gulf of Oman causing a choke point.
Civil War a war between two groups within a country.
Latitude flat- horizontal lines on a map.
Natural barriers mountains, deserts and oceans.
Diffusion/spatial exchange (cultural diffusion the spread of ideas, people and places to new places.
Canals a narrow passages of water connecting two large bodies of water.
International Trade exchange of goods and ideas (commerce) between nations and differents parts of the world.
Panama Canal water way through Panama that shortens the distance from the East coast of the US to the West coast
Suez Canal water way through Egypt that connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
Irrigation Canals Technology used by farmers (historic) to get water the the crops.
Subsistence agriculture growing just enough food to survive, very little is left over, none is sold in the market.
Traditional economy basic economy that was used in early farming and hunting and gathering societies.
Age of Exploration and Colonization Era when Europe and explored and conquered much of the world. Goal was to find a trade route to Asia
Capitalism/Market Economy a system based on private ownership and investment of money in business venture in order to make a profit (money)
Cuneiform writing system in Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia
Karl Marx economic thinker that developed communism
Adam Smith economic thinker that supported capitalism
Ziggurats Temples in Fertile Crescent/ Mesopotamia
Secularism belief in worldly rather than spiritual ideas.
Communist countries North Korea-China-Cuba-Laos-Vietnam
New Countries in 2012 South Sudan-Split from Sudan
Meso-American civilizations had complex societies such as Maya and Aztec
Commercial Agriculture mass produce food to sell on the world market
Fertile Crescent Present day Iraq-early river valley civilization on the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers
Three religions of the Middle East Islam, Christianity & Judiasm
Silk Road overland trade route that went from China to the Middle East, then to Europe. Called Silk Road because of the fine silk coming China. Many ancient cities are still around today because of the travel though them.
What is an Industrialized nation(country or area)? a nation (country or area) that has industry. They create a diverse amount of goods to sell on the world market.
Functional region linked together by the flow of something. Think HWY system. I-30 links Texarkana to New Boston. Also think rivers and shoppping.
Domestic having to do with ones own home land. example "We save money when we have domestic oil, instead of foreign oil."
Levels of development the amount and quality of economic and industrial resources often related to a nations income.
Basic needs of all humans for survival food, clothing, shelter. (clean water is food)
export goods sold to buyers outside the country
Location one of the 5 themes of geography- looking at a specific place one earth- Spatial refers to the link that people and places have to one another.
monsoon seasonal prevailing wind - On the Indian sub continent it brings rain in May- Sept. Brings dry winds Oct-Apr.
ethno-centric evaluating other people & cultures based on what you feel and your own standards.
La Nina period of cooling in the Eastern/Equatorial Pacific. Brings drier hotter weather to East Texas. Think of 2010-2011 drought.
Quebec A French province of Canada that has, in the past, voted for independence. They speak French and cling to the French culture.
Islamic advances in technology medicine-math-algebra-chemistry-exploration they knew to track stars-astronomy-
what factors give us cultural diffusion WAR-----TRADE-----MOVEMENT
Created by: dixielillyardwin
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