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Islnd of Blue Dolph

Island of the Blue Dolphins

MESA a small, high plateau with a flat top and steep sides
RAVINE a long, deep, narrow valley eroded by running water
PARLEY to discuss matters, especially with an enemy
TOYON BUSH an evergreen shrub having leathery leaves, small white flowers, and red, fleshy, berry-like fruit
LEAGUES unit for measuring distance, usally about 3 miles
IDLE doing nothing; not busy; not working
PELT skin of a hair animal such as an otter
KELP any of various large, tough, brown seaweeds
SCARCELY not quite; barely
BALES a large bundle of material securely wrapped or bound for shipping or storage
CORMORANT large seabirds with pouches under their beaks for holding caught fish
REEF ridge of rocks or coral at or near the surface of the water
BEFELL to happen to
CARCASSES bodies of dead animals
BARRED blocked; obstructed
SURGED to rise and fall; move like waves
SNARED to trap
SHIRKER one whom avoids or gets out of doing work
PORTIONED to divide into parts or shares
ABALONE shellfish with a shell that is large and flat
DECREED to order or settle by authority
SHROUDED to cover or conceal
AWL a pointed tool used for making small holes in leather or wood
BECKONED to signal by motion of the head or hand
SLUNK to move in a sneaky, guilty manner; sneak
LAIR a den or resting place of a wild animal
SWITCH a slender stick used in whipping
SANDSPIT a point of deposit built up into a landform which protects a body of water
HEADLAND narrow ridge of high land jutting out into water
STUNTED to hinder or slow down normal growth or development
SMOTHER to cover quickly
CREVICES narrow split or crack; fissure
OMEN object or event that is believed to mean good or bad fortune
BRACKISH slightly salty water
PITCH thick, black, sticky substance made from tar to fill the seams of wooden ships
GRUEL thin, almost liquid, food made by boiling oatmeal, etc., in water or milk
TUSKLIKE similar to the two long teeth of an elephant
WADDLING walking with short steps in an awkward swaying motion
PURSUER someone or something who follows to catch or kill
FLANK side of an animal or person between the ribs and the hip
LOBE rounded part that sticks out or down
MATTED roughly tangled
DEVILFISH sea animal similar to an octopus
HAUNCHES the hindquarters of an animal
LUPINES plant with long spikes of flowers, clusters of hairy leaflets, and flat pods with bean-shaped seeds
SINEW tendon; a tough, strong band or cord of tissue that joins a muscle to a bone or some other body part
LEECHES any of numerous worms living in freshwater ponds and streams that suck the blood of animals
SLUNG to throw,; cast,; hurl,; fling
PEERED to look closely to see clearly
CIRCLET round ornament worn on the head, neck, arm, or finger
PROW the pointed front part of anything that sticks forward
REPROACHFULLY expressing disapproval
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