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Muscles Nk, Shoulder

Muscles of the Neck, Shoulder, Arm

What are Suboccipital Muscles? Muscles that attach to the external surface of the occiput anteriorly and posteriorly.
What are Longus Colli? Deep 3 part muscle (longitudinal, superior oblique, inferior oblique) Flexion of head, straighten cervical spine, side-bend and rotation.
What are Sternocleidomastoid? Largest anterior neck muscle, runs bilaterally from sternum/clavicle to mastoid process. Elevation of sternum, side-bend, rotation or flexion of head.
What is Serratus Anterior? Scapular depression, abduction, upward rotation
Serratus Anterior is a muscle of the? Shoulder
What is Trapezius? Scapular elevation, adduction, upward rotation. Is diamond shaped, from occipital bones and primary 18 vertebrae to acromion process and spine of scapulae.
What are Pectoralis Major and Minor? Shoulder flexion, adduction, internal rotation
What are Rhomboids? Scapular elevation, adduction, downward rotation.
What are Deltoids? Shoulder flexion and internal rotation (anterior), extension and external rotation (posterior), abduction (medial).
Levator Scapulae is a muscle of the? Shoulder
Levator Scapulae Scapular elevation and downward rotation.
Latissimus dorsi Shoulder extension, adduction, internal rotation.
Coracobrachialis Flexion and adduction
Rotator Cuff Four muscles that combine to pull the head of the humerus medially, stabilizing the joint during movement.
Subscapularis Shoulder internal rotation.
Supraspinatus Shoulder abduction.
Infraspinatus Shoulder external rotation
Teres minor Shoulder extension, adduction and rotation
Biceps brachii Primary arm flexor
Triceps brachii Primary arm extensor
Brachialis Elbow flexor
Extensor carpi radialis extends and adducts wrist
Flexor Digitorum From anterior/medial ulna, splits into four tendons running through carpal tunnel to distal phalanges of fingers, producing flexion of all finger joints.
Extensor digitorum From elbow, splits into four tendons, each splitting tnto three bands, to the posterior second and first knuckles, producing extension of all finger joints and wrist.
Pollicis Flexor From radius to thumb, bends thumb inward toward palm
Pollicis Abductor From ulna and radius to lateral base of thumb, brings entire thumb toward palm.
Pollicis Extensor From posterior radius to first and second knuckles of thumb, causing thumb extension
Created by: Nlockhart