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Interpretivists view on Culture and Identity

Many sociologists say that culture is actually determined by...... the behaviour and interaction of individuals.
Theories like this are called action theories, because? they emphasise the action of individuals, as opposed to structural theories like functionalism and marxism, which are all about the big structures of society.
What do Interpretivists (or Interactionists) theories start with? The idea that all individuals interpret society around them-people try to make sense of society. Interpretivists say that culture comes from peoples own ideas of how people interact with each other.
Interpretivists don't say structures aren't important but they do suggest......WHAT? that each of us responds to social structures in own way. We aren't just products of socialisation-we all have free will and make choices.
An important point here is that..... the results of individual choice be large-scale social change. E.G. Gershuny (1992) made an interpretivists analysis of gender roles in the home.
Gershuny made two discoveries what were they? That some women decided they wanted to work outside the home. thats the individual choice bit. And male partners then took on more children and housework. it became acceptable for men to adopt