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Initial Image Timing

Nuclear Medicine Initial Image Timing

Ga-67 INfection 6 hours
In-111 WBC INfection 6 hours
In-111 DTPA CisterNogram 2 hours
Tc-MDP skeletal 2 hours
Tc-HDP skeletal 2 hours
Tc-WBC INfection 2 hours
Tc-HMPAO "Ceretec" 90 minutes
F-18 NaF 1 hour
Tc-ECD Bisicate 45 minutes
F-18 FDG 45 minutes
Tc-SestaMIBI 45 minutes
Tc-Tetrofosmin 30 minutes
Tc-04 Meckels 1 min
Tc-MAA Lung Perfusion 1 min
Rb-82 2 min
Tc-Sulfur Colloid GE solid 5 min
In-111 DTPA GE solid 5 min
Tc-HIDA Hepatobiliary 5 min
Tc-Sulfur Colloid/MAA LeVeen shunt 5 min
Tc-Sulfur Colloid Liver/Spleen 5 min
Tl-201 Perfusion 5 min
Tc-DTPA Lung Ventilation aerosol 10 min
C-14 urea breath test 10 min
Ga-67 Tumor Imaging 48 hours
Tc-DTPA Vent Shunt Immediate
Tc-RBC Hemangioma Immediate
Tc-SC Esop transit Immediate
Tc-Sc GE Reflux Immediate
Tc-RBC GI bleed Immediate
Tc-04 Salivary Gland Immediate
Xe-133 Ventilation Immediate
Tc-RBC gated MUGA Immediate
Tc-DTPA 1st pass Immediate
Tc-04 CystOgram Immediate
Tc-MAA & DTPA Thrombus Detect Immediate
I-123 Ioflupane DaT scan 3-6 hours
N-13 NH3 3 minutes
In-111 Octreoscan Pentreotide 4 hours
In-111 Prostascint Capromab Pentitide 30 mins
In-111 Zevalin Ibritumomab Tiuxetan 24 hours
In-111 Bexxar Tositumomab 1 hour
F-18 FDG Tumor 45 mins
Tc-DTPA renal Immed
Tc-MAG3 Mertiatide Immed
Tc-DMSA (Succimer) 3 hours
Tc-Glucoheptonate renal Immed or 30 mins
Tc-04 Cystogram renal Immed
Tc-DTPA Cystogram renal Immed
I-131 NaI thyroid uptake 6 hours
I-123 NaI Uptake 4 hours
I-123 NaI Uptake & Scan 4-6 hours
Tc-04 Thyroid scan 20 mins
Tc-Sestimibi Parathyroid 15 mins
I-131 MIBG adrenal 24 hours
I-123 MIBG adrenal 24 hours
Tc-SC Lymphoscintigraphy Immed
Tc-SC Lymphedema Immed
Tc-SC Bone Marrow 15 mins
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