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Business Management

Manager as Leader Review

What Leadership Style: Each worker is allowed to decide how his or her job wil be done on his own. Open
What Leadership Style: Before changing an evaluation system, the manager explained to the employee why it was being changed so all would be informed and updated. Democratic
What Leadership Style: The store owner sets all department budgets. Autocratic
What Leadership Style: An employee meeting is held each week to discuss problems so all can be heard. Democratic
What Leadership Style: The manager tells each new employee precisely how the job should be done. Autocratic
What Leadership Style: The manager conducts an employee brainstorming session to develop a new advertising slogan. Democratic
What Leadership Style: The manager involves employees to cooperatively decide when breaks should be scheduled. Democratic
What Leadership Style: When two employees had an argument, the manager told them how they had to solve their problems. Autocratic
What Leadership Style: The manager allows employees to determine when their work is done so they can leave for the day. Open
What Leadership Style: The manager tells employees the rules and expects they are followed without question. Autocratic
Type of Power: The Manager's control of rewards/punishments. Reward
Type of Power: The employee's perception of the manger. Identity
Type of Power: The manager's position in the organization Position
Type of Power: The manager's knowledge and skill Expert
______________ are regulations created to maintain an effective working environment in a business. Work Rules
A flexible viewpoint is best for managers to permit then to increase or decrease the amount of _______________ of employees when needed. Supervision
Autocratic styles typically _______ prepare employees for leadership opportunities or promotion. do not
The democratic leadership style is effective in situations when employees are looking for: Less Responsibility
Open leadership should not be used if employees are: Not confident in their jobs
The autocratic style is best in _________________ situations. Emergency
________________ can improve a manager’s judgment in making business decisions. Training and experience
___________ is the ability to influence individuals and groups to cooperatively achieve organizational goals. Leadership
Created by: rkramer
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