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Pharm Pro and Epid

Pharm - II

Two types of bacterial prostatitis acute and chronic
What is commonly associated with prostatitis recurrent infections in men > 30
Patho of prostatitis refluc of infected or sterile urine (chemical prostatitis, non-bacterial, sexual intercourse, indwelling and condom catherization, any urethral instrumentation
What is TURP transurethral prostate resection
What are MC prostatis bacteria in ABP, CBP A: Gm- enteric organsims most frequent (E. coli) B: E. coli
CP of ABP high fever, chills, malaise, myalgia, localized pain, Freq, urg, dys, noct, retention
What is contraindicated in ABP prostatic massage will express a purulent discharge will spread to systemic infection
How do we dz CBP more difficult diagnose, recurrent UTIs w/ same pathogen
Presenting sx of CBP voiding difficulties (freq, urg,dyrs) LBP, perineal and suprapubic pain many adults asymptomatic
Dx of ABP CP, ↑ bacteriuria, midstream specimen cultre
Dx of CBP urinary tract localization, sequential cultures
What are sequential cultures VB1: 1st voided 10ml, 200ml later VB2: midstream culture→prostatic message EPS: prostatic secretions void: VBs: 1st voided 10 mil after message
Two abx classes to tx prostatitis FQs and Bactrim
Why only two abx classes to tx prostatitis hard to get to the prostate to tx
What ↑ the rate/amount of tx ↑ inflammation, the more inflammation the more the abx can get to it like meningitis
What type of prostatitis is more easily tx acute, d/t ↑ inflammation
Two MC pathogens for ABP <35yo gonorrhorah and chlamydia
Which abx txs G and C G: 3rd gen ceph C: doxy
What other things do we need to test in this category tx partners, test for HIV
What is no longer recommended for gonococcal infx FQs
MC pathogen for APB >35 Enterobacteriaceae (GI)
Tx for uncomplicated ABP FQ or Bactrim
What are adjunctive measures for ABP analgesics, stool softners, adequate hydration and bed rest
If uncertain of pathogen, what should we do do a C and a G test
Length of tx for UAPB, CAPC, and CPB UAPB: 10 days, CABP: 10-14days, CBP: 4-6 and 4 weeks and Bactrim for 1-3m
Etiology of epididymitis trauma, but usually 2 to infx (STD)
Where do non STD infx occur and likely pathogens middle-aged men or older men, usually coliform or psedudomonas
CP of epididymitis unilateral pain and swelling of scrotum, fever, urethral discharge, urinary sxs (prostatitis can be present as well)
Dx of epididymitis culture voided urethral and midstream specimens
Supportive care for epididymitis analgesics, bed rest with legs apart, elevate testes on a towel, scrotal support, non-constrictive lightweight clothing
What is PDPT patient delievered partner therapy for G and C
Pros for PDPT controlling occurrence of STIs, AMA states is can be done
Cons for PDPT 1) potential liablility in tx for unseen pts 2) no screening for other STDs and prevention counseling 3) legality is not consistent in all states (is in MN)
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