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1.14 oral tablets

oral tablet stuff

Mannitol Diluent, Flavoring/Sweetning Agent
Lactose Diluent, Flavoring/Sweetning Agent
Sucrose Diluent, Flavoring/Sweetning Agent
Calcium Sulfate Diluent
Microcrystalline Cellulose Diluent, Binder
Dicalcium Phosphate + Lactose Diluent
Citric Acid Effervescent Salt
Tartaric Acid Effervescent Salt
Sodium Bicarbonate Effervescent Salt
Starch Paste Binder
Gelatin Solution Binder
Glucose Solution Binder
Methylcellulose Binder
Ethylcellulose Binder *Insoluble in water but binds in alcohol; for moisture sensitive drugs
Ideal Binder amount 5-15%
Talc Lubricant, Glidant
Magnesium Stearate Lubricant
Calcium Stearate Lubricant
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Lubricant, Surfactant
Ideal Lubricant/Glidant amount <1%; poor selection/XSS can cause "waterproofing" (Lubricant)
Glidants do what? Improve FLOW of powder mix; added ONLY in dry state prior to compression
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide Glidant (Most Common)
Starches Disintegrant (in powder form), Binder (in liquid form)
Cellulose Disintegrants
Algins Disintegrants
Gums Disintegrants
Cross-Linked Polymers Disintegrants
Corn Starch Powder Disintegrants (Most Common)
Ideal Starch amount 5-15%
Croscarmelose Super Disintegrant
Crospovidone Super Disintegrant
Sodium Starch Glycolate (Explotab) Super Disintegrant
Ideal Super Disintegrant amount 2-4%
Aspartame (Searle) Sweetening/Flavoring Agent
FD&C Red No. 3 Coloring Agent
FD&C Yellow No. 5 Coloring Agent
FD&C Blue No. 1 Coloring Agent
Appearance, weight, uniformity are assessed in what stage? Quality Assurance
Hardness of CHEWABLE TABLETS 3 kg
Friability Tablet's ability to withstand S&H
Acceptable Friability Damage Amount < or = to 1%
Weight variation standard minimum amount >50 mg AND drug represents more than 50% of weight
Content uniformity test standard < 50 mg *drugs that weigh less than 50 mg must go through this test INSTEAD of the weight test
All USP tablets must pass a ________ test Disintegration *in vitro test
The ________ test shows indication of bioavailability Dissolution
All oral tablets must pass a ________ test Dissolution
Preferred over PADDLE for enteric coated or beads Basket Method
Preferred Default Apparatus Paddle Method
Preferred for LOW SOLUBILITY cmpds when [SURFACTANT] is XSSive Reciprocating Cylinder
Preferred in enteric coated, low solubility, req'd media switchovers Flow-Through
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