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# BAS 07 Fem Repro

cervix entrance to the uterus.
-itis inflammation
ovary gonad of the female. Produces eggs (oocytes)
Egg female gamete. Contains 1/2 the genetic content.
Sex chromosomes Determine the sex of the fetus. Y is the male chromosome. X is the female chromosome.
uterine tube Also called the fallopian tube. This picks up the ovulated egg and transports it to the uterus.
uterus Organ that nurtures and promotes the growth of the fertilized egg.
hCG, HCG Human chorionic gonadotropin. Hormone that maintains pregnancy. Pregnancy test looks for this hormone.
LH Leutinizing hormone. Hormone that promotes ovulation in the egg.
Fimbriae Ends of the fallopian tube that picks up the ovulated egg.
mammography Xray of breast
estrogen Female hormone. Maintains female characteristics.
FSH Follicle stimulating hormone. Hormone that stimulates the ovary to produce estrogens.
Urine test for pregnancy HCG, hCG
prolactin hormone that influences milk production.
AFP Alpha Feto Protein : A blood test for detecting spinal development problems in the fetus.
D & C, DNC dilation and curettage. A procedure done usually after an abortion or spontaneous abortion. It removes dead tissue from the uterus.
Gynecologist One who studies females.
Obstetrician One who manages complications in pregnancy and delivery services.
hysterosalpinography Xray of the uterus and the fallopian tubes.
PAP test A procedure that scrapes the surface of the cervix to identify potentially cancerous cells.
colposcopy Exam of the vagina and cervix
culdoscopy Exam of the pelvic cavity
a- without
dys- painful or difficult
-rrhagia bursting forth
olig/o scanty
chlamydia bacterial infection transferred during sex.
STD Sexually transmitted disease.
Where are the diseases due to microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, parasite, and virus) found in the ICD-9-CM Look in the book. It is in the infectious diseases section in the front of the book.
-otomy surgical opening
tubal ligation Sterilization procedure in the female. The fallopian tubes are cut, tied and burned.
What is the difference between true love and herpes. Herpes lasts forever
-ectomy surgical cutting out
excision to cut out
dysmenorrhea difficult or painful menstration
menstruation Body removes uterus lining intended for pregnancy. This occurs when the egg is not fertilized.
Progesterone Hormone produced by the embryo (corpus luteum)
-stomy surgical opening
oo- egg
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