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District 5

1917 Smith Hughes National Vocational Education Act
Early 1920s Virgina formed A future farmers club for boys in ag classes
1928 National orginization was est. at Baltimore Hotel in Kansas City, Mo
1939 National FFA camp was founded on grounds of orginal national center in Alexandria, Va.
1944 National FFA Foundation, Inc.
National FFA Foundation, Inc was was created to ______________________________ provide funds from businees and industry to support new programs
1950 Public Law 740 was passed
1979 Public Law 740 Revised
1998 Public Law 740 underwent technical revision and became publication 105-225 by 105th congress
1952 The National Future farmer magazine est.
1965 African Americans allowed in
1969 girls allowed in
1969 alumni class establisheed
1971 How many states chartered alumni associations 9
1988 Name change from Future Farmersof Americal to the National FFA org.
1998 71st convention what happened technical admendment passed saying the ffa shall do business as National FFA orginization
1989 Magazine name change to FFA New Horizons
Created by: amycain
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