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Russia Test

Ch. 14,15,16

The __ is a layer of subsoil that is always frozen. Permafrost
Progroms were the planned persecution and massacre of... Jewish People
A sovkhoz was a ... Large farm run like a factory with farm workers recieving wages.
Who was Leo Tolstoy? A writer that wrote poems about Russian life.
The Kamchatka Peninsula is... A peninsula that is a region of Siberia on the Eastern part of Russia.
What is the taiga? A forest belt that covers 2/5 of European Russia and extends into much of Siberia.
The term tundra refers to a... Vast, treeless plain that dominates the Russian landscapes.
Russia has __ because most of the country is far from any ocean. Continental Climate
The main idea behind __ is that economic wealth should be distributed more evenly. Communism
The move from __ is known as privatization. Government ownership
Most rivers in Russia are __ much of the year. Frozen
Soviet industrial growth led to serious... Power for the Russians in wars.
What is a serf? An enslaved workforce bound to the land and under the control of nobility
In general Russia has a __ climate Subarctic
After the Soviet Union broke up, the government encouraged... Independance and freedom
Perestroika: A policy of economic restuction.
Kolkhoz: A small farm worked by farmers who shared, to a degree, the farm's profits and production.
Kievan Rus: A loose organization of city-states ruled by princes and started by Bulgaria.
Slavs: A ethnic group in Russia that includes Poles, Serbs, Ukrainians, and other Europeans.
Galsnot: A policy of greater political openess.
Satellite State: Counties controlled by the Soviet Union.
Bolsheviks: A revolutionary group led by Vladimir Lenin.
Socialist Realism: Artists had the duty to incorperate famous Russian events and eras into art.
Chernozem: Rich, black soil in Southern Russia.
Catherine the Great: An empress who in the 1700's expanded Russia, and got a warm-water port on the Black Sea.
Ethnic Group: A group of people who share a common ancestry, language, religion, or set of customs, or a combination of these things.
Communism: A philosophy developed by Karl Marx's ideas that called for a violent overthrow of government and the creation of a new society led by workers.
Black Market: An illegal trade in which scarce or illegal goods are sold at prices higher than the government.
Czar: Supreme ruler
Nuclear Waste: The byproducts of producing nuclear power.
Cold War: The struggle between the two opposing systems-communist and capitalist-for world influence and power.
Permafrost: A layer of subsoil that is always frozen.
Atheism: The belief that there is no god or supreme bieng.
Chernobyl: A town 60 miles north of Keiv where a nuclear spill occured and killed 8,000 people.
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